On the Trail with Ty: 9/15/18 & 9/16/18

The highlight this weekend was two fold.
Saturday morning we held signs from 10 am – 12 pm at the entrance to Stop and Shop & Pleasant Street. There was a lot of traffic, a lot of waves from neighbors, a lot of thumbs up, and at least a dozen cars honked for us! My team is doing a great job promoting the campaign and getting my name recognized.
The last 30 minutes the volunteers and I played a game. Would men or women wave or honk more? The rules? One point for a wave, two points for a honk. Believe it or not, men beat the woman with 36 points to 33 points! The men were more likely to honk for 2 points.
Next Saturday morning we are holding signs at County Square. We could use your help! If you want to volunteers some Saturday mornings, call Jan Waterman at 508-455-1918. Holding signs and waving can be fun and really helps the campaign.
I biked to Ward 5A, just south of the center, on Saturday afternoon. I covered Maple, Mulberry, and Carpenter Streets. I met lots of nice people. I found Manuel in back of his home, watering his garden. Manuel is 72 years old. He spends a lot of time tending to his vegetable garden. I told Manuel I wanted to help seniors get a property tax break, he signed my nomination papers and introduced me to his girlfriend who also signed. He also took five palm cards to show to five of his seven adult children who also live in Attleboro. He had already shown me so much kindness but concluded by asking for two of my signs to tie onto his fence. What a nice man! Manuel is the salt of the earth.

On the campaign with my wife, Jan…

John and I swept a path down South Main Street today, ending just below the Elks club onto Bearcourt Drive. Part way down the street, I put my palm card/message inside the front door of a house. No one was home. As I moved on to the next house, I saw a car go into the driveway that I had just left. At a distance I yelled “Hi.” The man waved back and told me he would vote for me.

I hadn’t talked to him yet! Then I realized it was David and his young son, Liam, who takes piano lessons from my wife, Jan. I had recently heard Liam play the piano at a YMCA recital. Without reciting my usual campaign message,  David enthusiastically offered to vote for me. So I thanked him and asked if he would allow me to put up a sign in his yard. David wasn’t sure it would help me but readily agreed.

David’s family really likes Jan (my wife and their YMCA piano teacher). This was a vote for both Jan and me. I don’t think I could be elected for anything without her support.

Cast two votes for Jan Waterman! She’s the best!