Ty Waterman: Democratic National Delegate – 2020

I want to thank everyone who recently voted for me as the fourth congressional district male delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, to be held in mid-August. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected. I’ve never been at a National Convention, although this time around it might very well be virtual… watching on zoom in my own house. I’d love to be in Milwaukee but that might not be the wisest place to be unless social distancing is strictly maintained.

I want to elect a progressive Democratic president, presumably Joe Biden.

1. Resolve the coronovirus pandemic while keeping Americans as safe as possible.
2. Resolve the economic crisis and put Americans back to work.
3. Fight for excellent health care for all Americans.
4. Work internationally to resolve the climate change crisis … before it is too late.

While attending the Democratic National Convention as a Sanders delegate, I will help unite Americans around the candidacy of former vice-President Joe Biden. We need a to rebuild a healthier America and get people working again.

Anyone interested in discussing their concerns may contact me at either 508-455-1918 or at tywaterman1918.

All the best,

Ty Waterman, Attleboro City Councilor