January 30, 1918 – Today, I met a young woman who was shoveling her driveway. She wasn’t on my list of probable Dem. voters but we struck up a conversation about her health. She is on chemotherapy, has cancer in the 4 range (1-5), and expects to be dead before the end of the year. At first, she sounded bitter and consigned to her fate. She told me she was a Republican but it didn’t matter so much anymore.
This was not a time for me to seek her vote!
So I told her I am a recent cancer survivor and had my prostate removed in December. I also had cancer in the 4-5 range and feel very fortunate to be surviving. I urged her not to give up and that she was undoubtedly getting terrific treatment at Dana Farber. We both agreed that she simply cannot give up. Dana Farber isn’t giving up on her!
Then she switched over to politics and said, “I never thought I’d ever meet a Democrat like you.” I told her, “We are all human. I don’t care what party a person is in. I want to help whoever reaches out to me.” She smiled and thanked me for being with her for a few minutes. Whether or not I get her vote is totally irrelevant. I just don’t want her to give up.
My style is to care for people whatever their politics, religion or ethnicity is. We are all part of the human family and we all need to love and be loved.
It was a good day out on the trail.


      As Attleboro’s state representative, one of my highest priorities will be to protect Mass Heath and the Mass Connector. I fully expect the federal government to switch to block grants for Medicaid, which will threaten the 2.8 million Massachusetts residents who receive Mass Health today. While block grants aren’t mandated yet, we need to prepare for potential cuts during President Trump’s term in office. I hope I am wrong.
      We all know family members, friends, and individuals whose health is maintained because they are covered by Mass Health and the Mass Connector. But did you know that our Mass. state employees, including teachers and retired teachers, are having their own health insurance threatened today?
      The Group Insurance Commission (G.I.C.) Board of Directors voted 13-8 last week to terminate health coverage for state employees/retirees who have three of the six health plans that G.I.C. oversees. The G.I.C. eliminated coverage by the Tufts Health Plan, Fallon Community Health, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Instead, they told state employees and retirees, some 200,000+ Massachusetts citizens, they must switch over to three other health plans with no guarantees they keep their current doctors, coverage, and cost.

      G.I.C. claims they cut these three insurance plans to save the Commonwealth 21.8 million dollars, without asking the state legislature to even vote on their decision!
      Jan and I are covered thru Harvard Pilgrim Health Care so we are personally affected. Granted, we would still have health insurance but will it be as comprehensive? Will it cost more? Will we be allowed to keep our doctors? We don’t know anything about the three health plans G.I.C. is ordering us to accept.
      Our State Senator Paul Feeney told me he is on a Senatorial committee that will interview the G.I. C. commissioners this week. Senator Feeney wants to order G.I.C. to call a 90-day moratorium on their mandated change in health coverage. But the future still remains cloudy for 200.000 of our state employees and retirees.
      I vow to help protect all Massachusetts citizens when I am elected and make quality Massachusetts Health Care my highest priority. Every citizen of our state deserves to have good health insurance at an affordable price.
     Let’s save Mass Health, the Mass Health Connector and Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, and Fallon Health Care for the three million Massachusetts citizens who currently are covered.
     We can’t risk our health just to save the Commonwealth a few million dollars!
Ty Waterman.
Democratic candidate for State Representative, Attleboro, Mass.


We had a productive, exciting Tuesday in the midst of a wild storm. Three of our volunteers, Mark Fazzina, Bill Burke, John Corrigan and myself, drove around Attleboro for four hours putting up 39 signs. Despite temperatures around 50 degrees, we still had to pound holes into the partially frozen ground and insert the signs. We got them all up and standing.

Now we have the beginning of a visible presence in Attleboro. But we need more sign locations. If you would like a sign please let us know via this form. We’ve got plenty of signs but need spots to put them. Signs are extremely important in a campaign as they are a visible indication of the strength of a campaign. You can call me at 508-455-1918. Or you may contact me via my e-mail at TyAttleboro@gmail.com. I will respond promptly. Your support really makes a difference. Thanks!

For the first time in my life…

It’s official!!! I was certified by the Attleboro election office last Monday with 185 valid signatures (150 required) and filed with Secretary of State Galvin’s office this past Wednesday. It’s a relief and exciting. I’m going to be on the ballot for the first time in my life! In addition, I was OK’d by the Ethics Commission after filling out 42 pages, mostly about my financial affairs. I don’t owe any money, nor do I owe any special interest group my votes.

    I am free and clear to vote in the best interest of our Attleboro residents. I vow to always take into account the concerns of Attleboro and feel comfortable with my endorsements by SEIU, the State Social Workers Union, and the New England Carpenters Union. I have been asked to apply for half a dozen more endorsements and decided to focus on meeting the voters instead. Seeking endorsements is time-consuming and we only have five weeks left in the campaign. Besides, the other unions wanted me to support their issues. I am here for the voters of Attleboro, first and foremost!
    Thanks to all my volunteers for helping collect the 185 signatures!!


     I’m not a career politician. I am a social worker and a public servant. My goal is to help you, the citizens of Attleboro, with your problems. Call me, I will respond.
      I’ve been a resident of Attleboro since 2002, am married to a wonderful lady named Jan, and have two adult daughters, Kate and Arryn. I earned a bachelors degree in physical education and American history from the University of Maine (Orono) and a Masters from Boston University. In 1999 I co-wrote the book “The Year the Red Sox won the Series” about the 1918 Boston Red Sox; serve on the Board of Directors for Norton Singers and on the board of directors of SABR (The Society for American Baseball research. Acting and singing are in my blood.
      For the past three years, I’ve been the Social Worker for the Attleboro YMCA. I assist residents with counseling, employment issues, medical needs, transportation, etc. For the previous 19 years, I supervised foster care for intellectually disabled adults and DCF children and teenagers. I trained foster parents, visited the foster homes weekly, worked with families, arranged medical care and behavioral therapy for clients, wrote assessments, and prepared the agency for state audits.
      Prior to that, I worked nine years as a Social Worker for the Dept. of Developmental Services. I supervised group homes for disabled adults, monitored day programs, ran ISP meetings, and worked with medically and behaviorally involved clients at Wrentham State School.
      I know something about how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts cares for their clients.
      These are some of the specific issues I’m interested in as a State Rep.
      A: Elder Affairs:
          1. Legislating quality care by nursing homes.
          2. Ensuring dementia/Alzheimer’s training in state facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and home care.
          3. Be supportive of the Larson Senior Center’s mission.
      B: Children, Families and Disability Issues:
          1. Promoting independent choices by People With Disabilities.
          2. Improving outcomes for transition age youth (18 years and older) who have aged out of DCF care.
          3. Protecting children of the Commonwealth.
      C: Education
          1. Reform the Chapter 70 formula for educational aid.
      * OUR CHILDREN DESERVE AN EXCELLENT EDUCATION. I will work hard to increase Attleboro’s state education aid.
      * Fight for the MASS HEALTHCARE system. It will be under attack if the federal government moves to block grants.
      * Advocate on behalf of our SENIOR CITIZENS.
      * Improve state services for people living with a MENTAL ILLNESS, CHILDREN in FOSTER CARE, & people with an INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY.
      * Protect Massachusetts and Attleboro’s ENVIRONMENT and oppose the Rehoboth Compressor Station. I will refile Paul Heroux’s bill which he sponsored on the compressor issue.
      * Budget your tax dollars CAREFULLY, WISELY, and with COMPASSION FOR THOSE IN NEED.
      * I handle my personal finances very carefully and will do so as YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE.
      * Above all, I will provide first-rate CONSTITUENT SERVICES. If you contact me, I WILL RESPOND PROMPTLY.