Endorsement: Jax Adele

Originally published in the Sun Chronicle on Feb 7th. http://www.thesunchronicle.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/letter-to-the-editor-endorsement-for-ty-waterman-state-rep/article_6e36c8df-a7ae-584d-9083-d0555c4c5e4b.html


To the editor:

I have known Ty Waterman for over a year as a colleague at the YMCA. Our departments don’t overlap often, I’ve been able to get to know him as a volunteer for his campaign.

Ty is very approachable. His friendly smile and caring disposition make you feel welcomed. It was no surprise to learn he is a social worker. A great listener, Ty not only considers what someone is communicating but also the emotional context and position behind it. He sweetly acknowledges others with nods and related questions.

His ability to connect with people and truly listen makes me confident in his ability to be a public servant as state representative for Attleboro. He wants to help everyone in our community. He’s already begun helping individuals offering resources and information to those who stop to talk to him in his travels.

His persistence and self-driven attitude toward campaigning shows he genuinely loves this city. The volunteers who have surrounded Ty during this time are wonderful neighbors who are supportive of Ty and his pledge. When Ty and I disagree we are able to meet, communicate openly and with respect. I encourage you to find out more about Ty by visiting tyattleboro.com.

Jax Adele



Social club Yattleboro with Ty and Jan Waterman


Jax and Ty holding signs in the center of the city


The New England Regional Council of Carpenters support Ty!

Today John Manning, Business Representative, Local 535 from the New England Regional Council of Carpenters stopped by to present Ty and campaign treasurer, Bill Burke a check for the campaign. Ty was excited to share with John the ways in which the money was going to be utilized to reach constituents in 2018.


The committee to elect Ty Waterman truly thanks the support from the NERCC as well as John Manning, Local 535, Thomas Flynn, Local 67, and Stephen Joyce, Local 33. It’s only when we all work together can we truly make the community of Attleboro, better and more united. #TyAttleboroTogether