Council Connection: Ty is running for re-election

To the citizens of Attleboro:

Tomorrow morning I am taking out papers to run for re-election to City Council At-Large in 2019. My candidacy will emphasize:

1. Support for our children and schools with an emphasis on good mental health services.
2. Advocacy for senior citizens.
3. A healthy environment in Attleboro.
4. Helping individuals with their personal needs.
5. Supporting a revitalized economy in Attleboro.

I believe in a City Council that works together to deliver good city services and strong schools. We need to support economic development and downtown revitalization, We need to work with the Mayor’s office and the other departments in city government to achieve these goals. Together, with Blue Pride, we can help Attleboro become a truly caring, beautiful, pulsating 21st century city.

I love living in Attleboro and am glad you are with me in this adventure. Thank you for allowing me to serve you. All my best to you and your loved ones.


Ty WatermanTyWaterman1918
508-455-1918 – Home