To my Attleboro friends, neighbors, and constituents:

Spring is officially upon us! The grass is getting greener, pretty flowers are starting to poke through the ground, more people walking or biking around the city, yet we still need to wear our masks for the second straight Spring. About a quarter of us might have our vaccinations and we hope to have a COVID site back at LaSalette sometime soon. Please be careful as COVID is steadily increasing, mostly among those under 60. Schools are beginning to reopen, and our new high school is progressing beautifully.

My candidacy for City Council At-Large is now official as I was certified with 117 signatures last Friday. I am getting my bicycle ready and plan to start visiting homes soon. My new Campaign Manager is Stephanie Gray whose husband Chris Frappier is a new candidate for School Board in Ward 5. I highly endorse Chris, who has two young daughters. Some of you on Maple and Dexter Streets might have recently met Chris when the two of us gathered signatures the last couple of Saturdays.

I take your health seriously. When I arrive at your door, I will be wearing a mask, standing at least 8 feet back, and will be wearing a button telling you I’ve been vaccinated. We can discuss your concerns regarding Attleboro at a safe distance!

I’m in my third City Council campaign. I still chair the City Council’s Personnel, Veteran’s, and Human Services Committee; and am now vice chair of the Capital Improvements Committee. Please feel free to contact me anytime and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

My campaign priorities continue to be:

1. CONSTITUENT SERVICES: I will listen and respond to your concerns.

2. SENIOR CITIZENS/ COUNCIL ON AGING. Our Seniors continue to need property tax relief, good affordable housing, and a strong Senior Center. 

3. SCHOOLS: I have supported fixing the two original gym floors at Hyman Fine and Hill Roberts School, which should be fixed this summer. I also supported fixing the two leaky roofs at Brennan and Wamsutta Middle Schools, and will support fixing the Studley School facade, the HVAC system at Wamsutta School and the cracks near the Willett School. We need to provide good schools for our children and teachers.

4. DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION: I support our economic development program in the downtown area. 

5. CITY EMPLOYEES: I value all our city departments and employees. They do a wonderful job and are dedicated to our city. Our teachers, librarians, police and fire fighters, veterans, park and recreation staff, water and wastewater, public works and senior center staff, elections department, our wonderful health department and city hall staffers all deserve our strong support. My goal is to be a resource and support to each and every one of our city employees.

6. KEEP ATTLEBORO CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL: I support our environment, our parks, clean water, and all efforts to maintain the beauty of Attleboro.

7. AN AFFORDABLE BUDGET: I support to keep our property taxes affordable even as we do our best to keep Attleboro beautiful and humming along. I pledge to budget your tax dollars carefully and wisely.