With 50 signs up around Attleboro, we will now hold the first sign holding tomorrow (Sat.) from 10 to 11:30 AM at busy County Square (corner of Newport/South Ave and County Street (close to capron Park). Jan is running the sign holding events… we have five or six volunteers and ten signs have been reinforced and then put on poles by Attleboro’s pre-eminent sign holder, Dave Downs…. who has held signs for more WINNERS than anyone in our city. Dave ought to bring wonderful karma to Becky’s campaign.

Anyone reading Ty’s facebook page is welcomed to drive through County Square tomorrow… and feel free to join us. We will park near the County Square pharmacy/Dunkin Donuts.

A vote for Becky is a vote for "Moms and Children’…. a vote for Becky is a vote for strong climate change legislation… a vote for Becky is a vote for a compassionate, sane government, a vote for Becky is a vote for an America that values our immigrants rather than disparage them…. a vote for Becky is a vote for racial justice… a vote for Becky is good news for Attleboro… good news for Newton… good news for Fall River… and lately, a vote for Becky is good news for the stricken town of Plainville.

A vote for Becky is a vote for a better economy, better schools, good health care for all, seniors, children, black and brown folks, LGBTQ, and you.

A vote for Becky is a vote for sanity and compassion.

A vote for Becky is a vote for the Statue of Liberty…. may she light a beacon of democracy and peace in the world.

VOTE FOR BECKY GROSSMAN (Newton City Councilor) – you will be voting for a truly excellent "listener"…. Becky hears your concerns… and she will respond. Trust me on this.

See you in County Square!

Update on Ty’s campaigning

No… I am not running a campaign for myself. My next city council campaign will be the summer of 2021.. thank goodness!

But far more important than my political future… how is your present and future prospects going? How are dealing with our never-ending pandemic. Im especially concerned about senior citizens… although everyone has their struggles these days. If you know someone in Attleboro that can benefit from a friendly call please let me know. If they are 60 or over, I can get them someone to talk with that can offer substantial support from the Council on Aging in Attleboro. STAY ACTIVE…. physical activity is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Ride a bike, take a walk, ask your dog to give you a walk, rake and mow the yard, tend to your garden, ….. it all helps you deal with the humdrum of self isolation. BE SAFE, BE ACTIVE, BE CARE – FULL.

It really helps to find someone you can help out.

SO … much of my summer has been devoted to helping out the city in my role as a city councilor… and much of the rest of my time is devoted to my wife, my dog, my yard…. and of course, since I love politics…. I have been actively supporting BECKY GROSSMAN in her campaign to be Attleboro’s next congresswoman.

Why do I like Becky so much. She’s energetic, optimistic, an excellent Newton City Councilor, very bright, a terrific listener, a first-rate parent of two grade school children, skilled in the business world, easy to talk with a warm personality, and dealing well with crossing into her 40’s this year. I have never heard Becky say a bad word about anyone other than Donald Trump.

Becky is true to her word… of that i am certain. She wants to take on the NRA and the pharmaceutical companies that charge outragious prices to senior citizens who need meds. Becky wants everyone to receive good medical care and insurance. She wants to help her home city of Newton and my home city of Attleboro rebuild our economy. And as they say in insurance ads on TV…. Becky knows a lot about reviving our economy, which includes a Masters from Harvard from the School of Business.

If you want to learn more about Becky and even get an opportunity to view her on zoom, please let me know. I will find a way for you to virtually meet and talk with Becky. Sen me an Email to tywaterman1918.

All the best… Ty