Ty’s City Council News: 1st edition

                                                               CITY COUNCIL NEWS JANUARY 25, 2022

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2022, AT CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS (7 councilors) and ZOOM (4 councilors). The City Council Subcommittees met today – next week the entire council votes on committee business. Just a few of the highlights of this 2hr, 45 minute session:

1. 6:15  PERSONNEL, VETERAN’S AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE BUSINESS. After three wonderful years as chair I have now become the vice-chair, with newly elected Michael Angelo (Ward 4) as the incoming chair. This has become my favorite committee, dealing with appointments to City Boards and Commissions, Veteran’s issues, and Human Services, including the work of the Council on Aging.

Tuesday evening the PERSONNEL COMMITTEE unanimously recommended, 3-0, the appointments of several citizens to their preferred Commission, Council or Board. Each new appointee came to the rostrum, introduced themselves, shared why they are interested in serving the city of Attleboro, took a few questions and compliments, and enjoyed their experience in front of the camera and the Council. The entire City Council will hopefully approve each of them next Tuesday. These volunteers were greeted warmly by both the Personnel Committee and the entire Council.  The meeting was chaired smoothly by Michael Angelo, Ward 4’s new City Councilor

1. BILL GILL: THE TRAFFIC STUDY COMMISSION. Bill shared that he is a 30 year resident of Attleboro, retired from Eversource Energy Co. and is actively involved with St. John’s the Evangelist Church, St. Vincent de Paul’s food pantry and clothing store, as an election warden, with a Senior Tax work-off program at Capron Park, a Scouting leader and has been a youth soccer and baseball coach in past years.

2. STEPHEN THEBERGE: THE DISABILITY COMMISSION. I spoke on behalf of Stephen. He is a strong advocate for people with disabilities and has worked for the MBTA as a consultant, striving to help the “T” make traveling safe and comfortable for people with disabilities

3. ALBERT RICHMOND: THE DISABILITY COMMISSION. Albert tirelessly strives to make our city more accessible for the disabled and wheelchair bound citizens. He has a special interest in making sidewalks safe forfolks in wheelchairs.

4..TIFFANY FOSTER: THE PLANNING BOARD. A mom of four children, Tiffany loves Attleboro and wants future developments to provide wonderful homes in our beautiful city. She wants to balance city growth with protecting our environment. 

* Eighteen additional Attleboro residents were recommended for reappointment to current positions on the Council on Aging, Municipal Building Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Library Trustees, Board of Election Commissioners, Attleboro’s Redevelopment Authority, Board of Trust Fund Commissioners, Traffic Study Commission, Board of Recreation, and Personnel Board.  Attleboro depends on these citizens to perform (for free) the oversight and advisory work that helps Attleboro run smoothly and effectively. I am amazed and grateful for all of these wonderful volunteers.

* And last, but not least, the Personnel, Veteran’s and Human Services Committee also voted to recommend to the entire City Council the following Mayoral request:

A PROPOSAL TO HIRE A GRADE 9 POSITION OF “SOLID WASTE MANAGER”: This new position, situated within the Health Dept. at City Hall, will oversee all WASTE MANAGEMENT concerns, including our compost and recycling center. Currently, Attleboro has one person working on this BIG job and we need someone with professional experience to help Attleboro deal effectively with this growing challenge. The entire Council will take up this proposal next Tuesday evening. If approved, another motion will come forward at a later date to approve the funding for this position. I believe it is necessary and important to hire and fund Attleboro’s first Solid Waste Manager. 

TRANSPORTATION & TRAFFIC CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE: The City Council listened to Attleboro’s Public Works Director, Mike Tyler, explain a big project that will take place this year. This meeting was adroitly chaired by our new city councilor, Kelly Bennett, Ward 2. The Transportation and Traffic Committee approved a motion to appropriate $1,750,000 to install a new traffic signal on Rt. 123 at the junction of Thatcher Street and Rathbun Willard Drive. This traffic light will handle rapidly increasing traffic coming from three schools: Studley, Brennan and the new Attleboro High School. New sidewalks and crosswalks will greatly improve the safety and traffic flow of this increasingly busy intersection. Many thanks to Mike Tyler for spearheading this big Traffic Signal 2022 project. The City Council will take up this motion next Tuesday. 

Our former City Council President, Mark Cooper passionately advocated for this traffic light project in his final address to the City Council last month. The City Council meets next week, February 1st at City Hall, on zoom and WARA TV. The Council will take up the business approved by its committees. I hope you will join us virtually.