My favorite place in Boston, where I worked for over 20 years, is the Arboretum in the Forest Hills/Roslindale area. It is a huge, wooded area with sloping hills, a small winding river, and beautiful vistas. It is a place for utter tranquility for people and dogs alike. It has winding pathways, pretty swatches of open, grassy land, and is the most peaceful part of Boston with no traffic, no noise. Silence is golden. It was founded and owned by Harvard University but has been a free gift to Bostonians, suburban commuters, international visitors, children, elderly folks and man’s best friend.
      I took my hour lunch break in the Arboretum for many a year. I spent 9/11 in the Arboreturm transfixed by the total quietude and could hear fighter planes guarding our capital from 50,000 feet above me. No one charges for the parking. No one charged me for strolling through this beautiful slice of rural Boston. It made the stress of my social work job bearable and was the high point of any day that the sun was shining for the seven years I worked in Roslindale.
      I have found a few other beautiful places for walks in eastern Mass., including the Blue Hills (Milton and Canton), the Foxboro State Park, and Borderlands State Park in Easton. But the Arboreretum is the creme de creme of beautiful city parkland. It doesn’t have a golf course, it doesn’t have rides for kids, no special amenities other than its natural beauty, pretty trails, and majestic trees re-planted from all over the world.
      Attleboro has the chance to purchase a similar park for a mere three million dollars. We have the opportunity to offer beauty, peace, and quietude to our 43,000 residents and visitors to our beautiful city.
     *Attleboro has a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy 90+ acres of nirvana for everyone…. not just the folk who might be able to afford to live in the 120 or so homes and condos the Tamposi Brothers intend to build.
     *We can let the sale go through and look forward to the land being lost forever or……. we can speak out next Tuesday evening, June 19, 2018. We can let our City Councilors know how much we want to share this beautiful parkland with Attleboro’s children, and for all future generations of our city.
     * We have our own Arboretum right in our own backyard for an affordable price. We may never get this chance to preserve such beauty again within our city. Do we want to let it go to the Tamposi Brothers and lose it forever?
   * Your son or daughter might be married someday in Highland Park. We might turn the building into a nature museum, or a beautiful place to hold big meetings. The Attleboro Community Theatre might present a production in the building or the high school might present a concert there. The list of possibilities for usage of this property are many.
      *But this land will be lost forever if sold to the Tamposi Brothers.
      *Join me on Tuesday evening, 7 pm sharp, June 19, to tell our City Council how much you want to save the Highland Country Club property for your children and Attleboro’s future generations.
       BOSTON MAY HAVE THE ARBORETUM…. BUT ATTLEBORO WILL HAVE HIGHLAND PARK … for years and years. Your grandchildren and their children will thank you for saving this land for them.
       If I was a city councilor I would be voting to purchase Highland Country Club. Please tell our city council how you feel.
Email the City Council at council@cityofattleboro.us be sure to be very clear in your email and state your name and address.
Call Peter Blais at 508-431-7230 and tell him you’re thoughts calmly. Remember to state your name and address.
Attend the City Council meeting on June 19th at 7pm at Attleboro City Hall.

I am officially beginning our campaign for the vacant citywide City Council seat in June!

Dear Attleboro – I am officially beginning our campaign for the vacant citywide City Council seat in June, with the election almost five months away on November 6, 2018. I am running on several key points ..

*  PUBLIC EDUCATION: I am a strong advocate for Attleboro’s children and teachers. We can have the best educational system of any city in Massachusetts!
*  ATTLEBORO BUSINESSES: Attleboro will soon have a first rate Director of Economic Development and a program to attract and support businesses.
*  PUBLIC SAFETY: We will maintain a top notch police and fire departments.
*  SENIORS: I support the Larson Senior Center and serving Attleboro’s seniors.
* CONSTITUENT SERVICE: I will listen and respond to your concerns.
HUMAN RIGHTS WILL BE SUPPORTED AND HONORED!!! – As a member of the Attleboro Council on Human Rights, we raised the flag for our LGBTQ community in a stirring ceremony last Friday. Attleboro is standing up as a city where human rights are upheld for everyone. Attleboro is a city that celebrates diversity and people from a variety of cultures. I am very proud to call Attleboro my home.
I have spent my adult life as a social worker, working with people struggling to be affirmed and honored. I served the intellectually disabled population at Wrentham State School and the Massachusetts Dept. of Developmental Services for 9 years. I also supervised foster care for adults and children throughout metropolitan Boston for 19 years. For the past three years I have been supporting residents of the Attleboro YMCA and assisting them with health, vocational, employment, and other personal needs.
Attleboro has a strong tradition of reaching out a helping hand to one another. I want to be part of that tradition by serving on the City Council.
If you want to join our team please call me at 508-577-1412. We are proud to call Attleboro our home.


The Norton Singers: The Scarlet Pimpernel

Ty Waterman performed in three shows this past weekend as the English butler in the acclaimed broadway musical, “Scarlet Pimpernel.” The show depicts a love story set in the height of the French Revolution, complete with a guillotine, a large cast of French peasants and revolutionaries, English noblemen, and the mysterious Pimpernel, an English nobleman who is determined to save the French from their own tyranny. The music is totally breathtaking, the costumes are out of sight, and Ty gets to join in the signature song “Into the Fire” as ten Englishman set off to fight their own private war in France.
Please check Norton Singers.com for the June 8-10 shows and the inexpensive tickets. There is a beautiful 15 piece orchestra for your enjoyment.
Ty has been performing with Norton Singers for the past 25 years. He also performed for the Attleboro Community Theatre in May, 2017, in an award-winning play, “The Boys Next Door”. Ty was the Social worker for four hilarious men living in a group home. Theatre has been a big part of Ty’s life, along with his with his wife, Jan, who is Norton Singers pianist/keyboard player and performs in the orchestra.