About Ty

I’ve lived in Mass. for 35 years and in Attleboro since 2002. Jan and I own a modest ranch home on Dorchester Ave., off Pleasant Street. We’ve been married 16 years, have an 11 year old female dog (Chloe) and I have two grown daughters who live out West. I know how vital a supportive family life is and how important a meaningful job, good schools, and a safe home is for you. We love Attleboro and the friendly, caring people who reside in our wonderful city. But life can be a struggle at times. We strive to keep our schools first rate, to maintain excellent local health care, a helpful senior center, good public housing and programs for our youth. We also need more businesses and good jobs.
On November 6, 2018, Attleboro will be voting for their next At-Large City Councilor. I pledge to work with our city government to help Attleboro thrive and to serve you, the residents. Please feel free to call me at 508-577-1412 with any concerns.
1. Nine Years as a state (LSW) Social Worker working with handicapped adults in Wrentham and Boston with the Dept. of Developmental Services (DDS).
2. Nineteen years as a Social Worker in a private agency supervising foster care for children and adults with special needs. I worked closely with DDS and DCF.
3. The last three years (2015-2018) as the Attleboro YMCA’s social worker.

“If you want help or support, I am here for you!” – Ty