On the Trail with Ty

My Attleboro friends:

I’ve been putting in 5-6 hour days this week biking, knocking, listening to South Attleboro folks in the vicinity of Lee’s Pond and Veteran’s Park. It’s great to see the teens skateboarding and gathering in groups to swap stories and enjoy each other; to watch the teen’s softball games, well attended by us older folks and families. Veteran’s Park is truly the community center of South Attleboro. Attleboro’s Recreation Department (thank you, Dennis Walsh) does a great job grooming and caring for the park.

I met a lot of loyal South Attleboro residents who gave me a friendly reminder that they bear the brunt of Attleboro’s traffic and business. More than a few folks have told me how disappointed they are that the council allowed the Newport Ave. driving range to be rezoned to allow a developer to purchase the land with plans to build over 300 apartments. They expect a massive increase in South Attleboro traffic and are concerned about South Attleboro’s quality of life. 

One family asked me if music can be played on summer evenings at their park. They told me that if Capron Park can host summer music events, why not in their own park? They have a good point. The bottom line is: South Attleboro residents are asking me to show their part of the city a little love. I can’t blame them. I try to show them that I’m listening.

Today I wound up my South Attleboro trail on Guild Street. I met a senior lady whose husband is facing a big operation tomorrow. She wanted to be with him but her rental car wasn’t working and the car company wasn’t able to send over a replacement vehicle. I knocked on her neighbor’s house next, my last visit of the day. Her neighbor turned out to be a nurse. I told the nurse about her neighbor’s upcoming operation and the dead rental car. The nice nurse immediately started walking next door to help out. 

Neighbors helping one another. A simple yet heartwarming story of two South Attleboro folks being good neighbors. I love Attleboro… and South Attleboro is truly a special place.

On the South Attleboro trail,