Silent Night, Holy Night

On Christmas Eve, I sat in a church pew holding a candle while the entire congregation sang “Silent Night, Holy Night.” It was a very special moment, the beauty of the candles shimmering in the darkness, the peaceful sound of lovely voices, peace and harmony reigned supreme.

I had a vision of what “Silent Night, Holy Night” might bring to America in 2018:
  • American Muslims, Jews, and Christians will worship in peace with one another.
  • Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans and Caucasians will know the meaning of love and justice.
  • Our poor, middle class and wealthy will sit down at the same table and break bread together, discover we have some common needs and yearnings.
  • We will tear down the walls of prejudice and animosity that separate us from one another.
  • Each and every American will receive excellent health care and affordable insurance.
  • Our children will be offered the best possible education in the best possible facilities.
  • Our seniors will be guaranteed Medicare and adequate social security for the duration of their lives.
  • America will achieve peace and goodwill with our neighboring countries in North and South America.
  • A new War on Poverty in our cities and towns will grow all across America.
  • We will begin to end homelessness in our own communities.
  • We agree that everyone has the right to a good meal, a roof over their heads, warmth, and safety.
  • We would celebrate the goodness that is within one another.
  • Our government will radiate kindness, compassion, with malice towards none.
  • Louis Armstrong sang: “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THIS CAN BE!”
                                                   Submitted by Ty Waterman
                                                   Candidate for State Representative

Sexual Abuse is not pretty.

I’ve been very troubled about the numerous reports of sexual abuse of children and adults this fall. It’s really sad to learn about abuse in the Massachusetts State House, by United States Senators and rumblings even within the White House. High level politicians seem to be tumbling all around us. But this isn’t limited to national and state leaders. There are sexual predators right here in the Attleboro area.

The Bristol County Children’s Advocacy Center recently told a gathering of local human service providers that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be the victims of sexual abuse before the age of 18. In addition, 1 in 5 teens receive and disseminate sexually explicit images. A recent state audit of the Department of Children and Family Services revealed that sexual violence upon foster children continues to occur at a startling rate. DCF tries to protect approximately 50,000 children and teens from abuse and neglect.
DCF hasn’t reported cases of sexual abuse in the past so we don’t exactly how many youths were affected by predators. Apparently, sexual abuse episodes weren’t considered “critical incidents” until recently. Thankfully, DCF is currently reporting these incidents to the Office of the Child Advocate. Our children need to be protected!
Sexual abuse is not a pretty subject. But it will not begin to subside until we expose the predators.
Rep. Jay Barrows (Mansfield, Foxboro) has joined other legislators on a bill that would broaden mandated reporting of suspected abuse. If the bill passes, reporting would be expanded to include volunteers who work with children on sports teams, YMCA staff, church groups, scouting, etc. I strongly support this effort to extend mandated reporters beyond social workers, teachers, doctors, clergy, and foster parents.
It’s time we shed the light of day on sexual abusers. The emotional scars from abuse can last a lifetime. Please call the DCF Child-At-Risk hotline if you suspect any abuse or neglect. Call 800-792-5200.
Let’s protect our children!
Ty Waterman – Democratic Candidate for State Representative – Attleboro, Mass.

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters support Ty!

Today John Manning, Business Representative, Local 535 from the New England Regional Council of Carpenters stopped by to present Ty and campaign treasurer, Bill Burke a check for the campaign. Ty was excited to share with John the ways in which the money was going to be utilized to reach constituents in 2018.


The committee to elect Ty Waterman truly thanks the support from the NERCC as well as John Manning, Local 535, Thomas Flynn, Local 67, and Stephen Joyce, Local 33. It’s only when we all work together can we truly make the community of Attleboro, better and more united. #TyAttleboroTogether

Christmas cheer for everyone!

Dear Editor: (Letter submitted to the Editor of The Sun Chronicle.)

I am appalled that the Mass. Dept. of Children and Family Services can’t keep track of the children in their care. A recent state audit discovered that DCF was unaware of 42% of the injuries, abuse, and crimes committed against our foster childen in 2014 and 2015! Drug overdoses, burns, broken bones, and even attempted suicides were overlooked. The auditors discovered 260 injuries over a two-year period that were not listed in DCF records.

      It’s hard to think about suffering children in Massachusetts during Christmas, 2017. It was also hard during Christmas in the 1840’s in London, wrote Charles Dickens.
      I suggest that you come down to see “A Christmas Carol”, performed by a wonderful cast at the Attleboro Community Theatre (ACT) this coming weekend, Dec. 15-17. You’ll see Ebenezer Scrooge (superbly performed by Dave Almeida), ignore and scorn the DCF of his era. He didn’t want to hear about the poor,  the abused, and the injured children in London’s care. He was too busy making a good living.
      You know the rest of the story. Bob Cratchit (well played by Bob Lively) struggles to keep his family fed and housed properly while Scrooge turns a blind eye to the suffering all around him. Scrooge’s shriveled soul is revealed by the Ghost of Christmas Present (Bob Messier) until he finally sees the error of his ways.
      DCF, our Massachusetts government, and each of us can still spread Christmas Cheer into the lives of our foster children. Thanks to our State Auditor, our eyes have been opened. This is the true message of “The Christmas Carol”. Scrooge finally saw the suffering of the children…. and did something about it. Tiny Tim was saved in the end. Let’s save our foster children.
      I’ll see you down at the Attleboro Community Theatre this weekend. You’ll love this ageless story.

December 6 —  To the good citizens of Attleboro

       I had a great time going on the WARA 1320 AM yesterday! Paul Healy is witty, anything but average, and does a very credible job as a DJ/talk host. We opened with some baseball talk about Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams. Elvis Presley crept into the scene when I announced he was my all-time favorite singer. Paul H. countered with Elvis Costello. We laughed.
      Our conversation turned more serious when Paul asked if I supported Hillary or Bernie or some previous president I was temporarily stumped. Then in a flash I countered that John Kerry was my favorite statesmen. John was the brightest, most inquisitive deep thinker I ever met…. hands down! We spent an evening together when I was 23 and he was 28. That was the night I realized that being a “public servant” is a “higher calling”.
     I’m not kidding. It would be my greatest honor to represent Attleboro in the state house and help the good folk of our city navigate the Mass. government. I really like helping people. Perhaps I am a bit of a snowflake. Paul thought Howie Carr would call me a “flake”. So what? Who said it’s a bad thing to try and help the good citizens of Attleboro? Enuf said.
      I gave an impassioned pitch for the good work of the Larson Senior Center and the Attleboro Community Theatre. I mentioned the great work Lisa Nelson does out of Joe Kennedy’s office in Attleboro. I shared three state committees I’d like to be on… with the Education Committee and the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities leading my wish list.
     We talked about the Millionaire Tax that will be on the ballot next fall. It’s estimated to bring in roughly two billion dollars into Mass. transportation and city/town educational systems. If you make over a million bucks, you’ll help fix our state roads and schools. Then we wound our way back to Chapter 70 and Attleboro’s educational needs. We both agreed that every school system should teach civics as a graduation requirement. I promised to do everything within my power to help revise Chapter 70 and bring a bigger state revenue stream into our city schools.
     Elvis continued to croon in the background and after an hour I agreed to return and talk baseball sometime. Paul Healy makes time move fast. I’m going to listen to WARA 1320 AM more often!
On the campaign trail with Ty

Listen to the FULL radio show here, courtesy of WARA 1320am.