On the campaign with my wife, Jan…

John and I swept a path down South Main Street today, ending just below the Elks club onto Bearcourt Drive. Part way down the street, I put my palm card/message inside the front door of a house. No one was home. As I moved on to the next house, I saw a car go into the driveway that I had just left. At a distance I yelled “Hi.” The man waved back and told me he would vote for me.

I hadn’t talked to him yet! Then I realized it was David and his young son, Liam, who takes piano lessons from my wife, Jan. I had recently heard Liam play the piano at a YMCA recital. Without reciting my usual campaign message,  David enthusiastically offered to vote for me. So I thanked him and asked if he would allow me to put up a sign in his yard. David wasn’t sure it would help me but readily agreed.

David’s family really likes Jan (my wife and their YMCA piano teacher). This was a vote for both Jan and me. I don’t think I could be elected for anything without her support.

Cast two votes for Jan Waterman! She’s the best!