Where the color blue prevailed. From the campaign trail, Monday 8/13/18

Wow!!! Volunteers John & David and I have put up 107 signs since Saturday, with more to go. We covered Ward 1 in South Attleboro, Ward 2 and 6 on both sides of Capron Park, down West Street, South Ave., County St., South Main St, Thurber, and sections of Oak Hill Ave. We have lots of work to do in other sections of our city but time still permits.

Our sign holders were delighted to receive a magnetic bumper sticker and a button. We found ourselves frequently sharing a yard with Jim Hawkins signs, where the color blue prevailed. We passed Tara Major (Jim Hawkins administrative asst.) putting up a big Hawkins sign on Rome Blvd. Dan and Monica on Rome Blvd. waved at us and asked for a matching sign on the other side of their lawn.

We were having so much fun, no one cared that it was raining most of the day.

Happiness prevailed throughout our visits. Children smiled, dogs even stopped barking once they realized we were welcomed at their homes. This is not my triumph. But rather, I am noticing that people are celebrating a new spirit in the city.

My supporters want better education, smaller classes, outreach to seniors, protection of our environment from possible pipelines and asphalt plants, more transparency within the city council, and cooperation between the city council and our mayor, Paul Heroux.

My supporters want to see Highland Country Club turned into a beautiful park for the entire city and open spaces protected for our enjoyment.

My supporters want Attleboro to grow into a city that cherishes and protects our human rights and where families can feel safe and secure. They want a city that takes care of struggling citizens, offering food and housing to those in need. Our citizens enjoy music in Capron Park, a wonderful zoo, and walking on trails in protected forests.

We love Attleboro and want to celebrate living here. More signs to put up tomorrow.

On the campaign with my wife, Jan…

John and I swept a path down South Main Street today, ending just below the Elks club onto Bearcourt Drive. Part way down the street, I put my palm card/message inside the front door of a house. No one was home. As I moved on to the next house, I saw a car go into the driveway that I had just left. At a distance I yelled “Hi.” The man waved back and told me he would vote for me.

I hadn’t talked to him yet! Then I realized it was David and his young son, Liam, who takes piano lessons from my wife, Jan. I had recently heard Liam play the piano at a YMCA recital. Without reciting my usual campaign message,  David enthusiastically offered to vote for me. So I thanked him and asked if he would allow me to put up a sign in his yard. David wasn’t sure it would help me but readily agreed.

David’s family really likes Jan (my wife and their YMCA piano teacher). This was a vote for both Jan and me. I don’t think I could be elected for anything without her support.

Cast two votes for Jan Waterman! She’s the best!