Ty’s City Council News: 1st edition

                                                               CITY COUNCIL NEWS JANUARY 25, 2022

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2022, AT CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS (7 councilors) and ZOOM (4 councilors). The City Council Subcommittees met today – next week the entire council votes on committee business. Just a few of the highlights of this 2hr, 45 minute session:

1. 6:15  PERSONNEL, VETERAN’S AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE BUSINESS. After three wonderful years as chair I have now become the vice-chair, with newly elected Michael Angelo (Ward 4) as the incoming chair. This has become my favorite committee, dealing with appointments to City Boards and Commissions, Veteran’s issues, and Human Services, including the work of the Council on Aging.

Tuesday evening the PERSONNEL COMMITTEE unanimously recommended, 3-0, the appointments of several citizens to their preferred Commission, Council or Board. Each new appointee came to the rostrum, introduced themselves, shared why they are interested in serving the city of Attleboro, took a few questions and compliments, and enjoyed their experience in front of the camera and the Council. The entire City Council will hopefully approve each of them next Tuesday. These volunteers were greeted warmly by both the Personnel Committee and the entire Council.  The meeting was chaired smoothly by Michael Angelo, Ward 4’s new City Councilor

1. BILL GILL: THE TRAFFIC STUDY COMMISSION. Bill shared that he is a 30 year resident of Attleboro, retired from Eversource Energy Co. and is actively involved with St. John’s the Evangelist Church, St. Vincent de Paul’s food pantry and clothing store, as an election warden, with a Senior Tax work-off program at Capron Park, a Scouting leader and has been a youth soccer and baseball coach in past years.

2. STEPHEN THEBERGE: THE DISABILITY COMMISSION. I spoke on behalf of Stephen. He is a strong advocate for people with disabilities and has worked for the MBTA as a consultant, striving to help the “T” make traveling safe and comfortable for people with disabilities

3. ALBERT RICHMOND: THE DISABILITY COMMISSION. Albert tirelessly strives to make our city more accessible for the disabled and wheelchair bound citizens. He has a special interest in making sidewalks safe forfolks in wheelchairs.

4..TIFFANY FOSTER: THE PLANNING BOARD. A mom of four children, Tiffany loves Attleboro and wants future developments to provide wonderful homes in our beautiful city. She wants to balance city growth with protecting our environment. 

* Eighteen additional Attleboro residents were recommended for reappointment to current positions on the Council on Aging, Municipal Building Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, Library Trustees, Board of Election Commissioners, Attleboro’s Redevelopment Authority, Board of Trust Fund Commissioners, Traffic Study Commission, Board of Recreation, and Personnel Board.  Attleboro depends on these citizens to perform (for free) the oversight and advisory work that helps Attleboro run smoothly and effectively. I am amazed and grateful for all of these wonderful volunteers.

* And last, but not least, the Personnel, Veteran’s and Human Services Committee also voted to recommend to the entire City Council the following Mayoral request:

A PROPOSAL TO HIRE A GRADE 9 POSITION OF “SOLID WASTE MANAGER”: This new position, situated within the Health Dept. at City Hall, will oversee all WASTE MANAGEMENT concerns, including our compost and recycling center. Currently, Attleboro has one person working on this BIG job and we need someone with professional experience to help Attleboro deal effectively with this growing challenge. The entire Council will take up this proposal next Tuesday evening. If approved, another motion will come forward at a later date to approve the funding for this position. I believe it is necessary and important to hire and fund Attleboro’s first Solid Waste Manager. 

TRANSPORTATION & TRAFFIC CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE: The City Council listened to Attleboro’s Public Works Director, Mike Tyler, explain a big project that will take place this year. This meeting was adroitly chaired by our new city councilor, Kelly Bennett, Ward 2. The Transportation and Traffic Committee approved a motion to appropriate $1,750,000 to install a new traffic signal on Rt. 123 at the junction of Thatcher Street and Rathbun Willard Drive. This traffic light will handle rapidly increasing traffic coming from three schools: Studley, Brennan and the new Attleboro High School. New sidewalks and crosswalks will greatly improve the safety and traffic flow of this increasingly busy intersection. Many thanks to Mike Tyler for spearheading this big Traffic Signal 2022 project. The City Council will take up this motion next Tuesday. 

Our former City Council President, Mark Cooper passionately advocated for this traffic light project in his final address to the City Council last month. The City Council meets next week, February 1st at City Hall, on zoom and WARA TV. The Council will take up the business approved by its committees. I hope you will join us virtually.

Get Ready for the 2020 Democratic National Convention TOMORROW!


To all my social media friends…. I will be a delegate for Bernie Sanders during the next four days, starting August 17th, kicking it off with a virtual breakfast with the Massachusetts delegation at 7:30 pm. I will be participating in the convention but also at City Council meetings this week on Tuesday and Thursday night. Wednesday night we are attending a virtual event at Suffolk Downs in Boston.

To my friends and constituents (or both) in Attleboro… feel free to call me at home this week. I will respond. You may reach me at 508-455-1918 (h) or 508-577-1412 (cell).

I’m not much for creating a social media page. I come from the wrong generation to do much of that. But I will support Joe Biden as my president and Kamala Harris as our vice-president. They are worthy and ready to lead our good old USA. Bernie is supporting them and so am i. However, I was elected as a 4th Congressional District/Mass. Bernie Sanders delegate back in April and campaigned hard for Bernie in NH and Mass before the world shut down. Bernie will continue to be an effective United States senator from my former home state of Vermont.

Medicare for All, climate change legislation to clean up our planet Earth, lower prices on pharmaceutical drugs, more equitable taxation to lift the lower and middle income folks and limit the super wealthy are all part of my personal beliefs.
America needs to be a great gift to the rest of the world with Joe Biden’s leadership!

And finally, please help me support and elect Becky Walker Grossman, Newton City Councilor, to Congress in the Mass 4th Congressional District in 2020! Becky is bright, compassionate, and fully capable to replace Joe Kennedy in this seat.
It is my honor to help her represent Attleboro in Congress.

To my beloved fellow Americans,
Ty Waterman, Attleboro City Councilor



With 50 signs up around Attleboro, we will now hold the first sign holding tomorrow (Sat.) from 10 to 11:30 AM at busy County Square (corner of Newport/South Ave and County Street (close to capron Park). Jan is running the sign holding events… we have five or six volunteers and ten signs have been reinforced and then put on poles by Attleboro’s pre-eminent sign holder, Dave Downs…. who has held signs for more WINNERS than anyone in our city. Dave ought to bring wonderful karma to Becky’s campaign.

Anyone reading Ty’s facebook page is welcomed to drive through County Square tomorrow… and feel free to join us. We will park near the County Square pharmacy/Dunkin Donuts.

A vote for Becky is a vote for "Moms and Children’…. a vote for Becky is a vote for strong climate change legislation… a vote for Becky is a vote for a compassionate, sane government, a vote for Becky is a vote for an America that values our immigrants rather than disparage them…. a vote for Becky is a vote for racial justice… a vote for Becky is good news for Attleboro… good news for Newton… good news for Fall River… and lately, a vote for Becky is good news for the stricken town of Plainville.

A vote for Becky is a vote for a better economy, better schools, good health care for all, seniors, children, black and brown folks, LGBTQ, and you.

A vote for Becky is a vote for sanity and compassion.

A vote for Becky is a vote for the Statue of Liberty…. may she light a beacon of democracy and peace in the world.

VOTE FOR BECKY GROSSMAN (Newton City Councilor) – you will be voting for a truly excellent "listener"…. Becky hears your concerns… and she will respond. Trust me on this.

See you in County Square!

Update on Ty’s campaigning

No… I am not running a campaign for myself. My next city council campaign will be the summer of 2021.. thank goodness!

But far more important than my political future… how is your present and future prospects going? How are dealing with our never-ending pandemic. Im especially concerned about senior citizens… although everyone has their struggles these days. If you know someone in Attleboro that can benefit from a friendly call please let me know. If they are 60 or over, I can get them someone to talk with that can offer substantial support from the Council on Aging in Attleboro. STAY ACTIVE…. physical activity is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Ride a bike, take a walk, ask your dog to give you a walk, rake and mow the yard, tend to your garden, ….. it all helps you deal with the humdrum of self isolation. BE SAFE, BE ACTIVE, BE CARE – FULL.

It really helps to find someone you can help out.

SO … much of my summer has been devoted to helping out the city in my role as a city councilor… and much of the rest of my time is devoted to my wife, my dog, my yard…. and of course, since I love politics…. I have been actively supporting BECKY GROSSMAN in her campaign to be Attleboro’s next congresswoman.

Why do I like Becky so much. She’s energetic, optimistic, an excellent Newton City Councilor, very bright, a terrific listener, a first-rate parent of two grade school children, skilled in the business world, easy to talk with a warm personality, and dealing well with crossing into her 40’s this year. I have never heard Becky say a bad word about anyone other than Donald Trump.

Becky is true to her word… of that i am certain. She wants to take on the NRA and the pharmaceutical companies that charge outragious prices to senior citizens who need meds. Becky wants everyone to receive good medical care and insurance. She wants to help her home city of Newton and my home city of Attleboro rebuild our economy. And as they say in insurance ads on TV…. Becky knows a lot about reviving our economy, which includes a Masters from Harvard from the School of Business.

If you want to learn more about Becky and even get an opportunity to view her on zoom, please let me know. I will find a way for you to virtually meet and talk with Becky. Sen me an Email to tywaterman1918.

All the best… Ty

Ty Waterman: Democratic National Delegate – 2020

I want to thank everyone who recently voted for me as the fourth congressional district male delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, to be held in mid-August. It is an honor and a privilege to be selected. I’ve never been at a National Convention, although this time around it might very well be virtual… watching on zoom in my own house. I’d love to be in Milwaukee but that might not be the wisest place to be unless social distancing is strictly maintained.

I want to elect a progressive Democratic president, presumably Joe Biden.

1. Resolve the coronovirus pandemic while keeping Americans as safe as possible.
2. Resolve the economic crisis and put Americans back to work.
3. Fight for excellent health care for all Americans.
4. Work internationally to resolve the climate change crisis … before it is too late.

While attending the Democratic National Convention as a Sanders delegate, I will help unite Americans around the candidacy of former vice-President Joe Biden. We need a to rebuild a healthier America and get people working again.

Anyone interested in discussing their concerns may contact me at either 508-455-1918 or at tywaterman1918.

All the best,

Ty Waterman, Attleboro City Councilor