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On the Trail with Ty:I’ve been bicycling around our city for two weeks now. Finally put on shorts yesterday. Summer is almost here.

I’m advocating for our schools, children, seniors, firefighters, downtown revitalization and more. Everyone I meet wants our firefighters to get the protective gear and washer/driers that fight cancer. I will continue to push for a second set of turnout gear for the firefighters and expect a second gear washer/drier for the South Attleboro station to be purchased in July. I can’t think of a better cause than thanking our firefighters by protecting their health!

I spent the last few days on Bernt Drive, Rome Blvd., Green Drive, Rathbun Willard Drive, and Fairway Drive. Many of these folks are affected by the construction and traffic around the new high school. Everyone I met felt the new high school was a great boon for the youth of our city. They all said it is worth putting up with the inconvenience of noise and traffic. There will be a meeting at the high school (school committee room) for area residents on May 29th at 5 pm. I will be attending.

The number one issue as I biked around Wards 1, 6 and 2 these past few weeks…. is property taxes. Most folks think the new school is well worth their tax hike. However, some residents are wondering how they will afford the tax jump. I reminded voters that we need to help out our seniors with tax abatements and Senior Exemptions. The City Council is working on legislation to do just that. However, there are younger owners who are losing jobs and having difficulty making ends meet. I spoke with several unemployed folks this week and my heart goes out to them.

I also met several people who felt their property wasn’t assessed accurately. One man told me he was taxed for four bathrooms when he actually only has a bath and a half in his home. Another gentlemen was shocked to find his house increased in value $50,000 over the winter. I am advising people who feel they have a faulty assessment who they can contact. At the very least we all deserve a reasonable explanation for our tax levels.

The second biggest question is the future of Highland Park. We have two more big events coming this year at the park. The July 4th celebration will be at Highland and the Vietnam Traveling Wall is coming in September. The cross country course is finished and I’m sure we’ll hear about future developments soon enough. Most folks who live around the park seemed happy that the city purchased Highland and plans on preserving it’s beauty.

Sport tip of the week: Did you know the AHS baseball team has qualified for the state tourney? They play smart, snappy ball and keep winning one run games. Big game at Hayward Field tomorrow (Monday) vs. Franklin at 3:45. Check this team out! I’ve had a ball rooting for them this spring!

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Ty reads to students at Hill-Roberts.

Reading a book with 4th graders


Yesterday I read a book to a fourth-grade class at Hill-Roberts Elementary School in South Attleboro. Granted, I was a bit nervous. It had been a long time since I had read to my two adult daughters, Arryn and Kate. But it’s like getting on a bicycle. You never forget how much fun reading to children can be. It reminded me of reading “Little House on the Prairie” to my daughters.

So I brought my baseball glove, a baseball, wore a Manny Ramirez vintage Red Sox shirt and my old Red Sox hat. Twenty-five children snuggled down in the reading nook in the corner of their classroom, sat on a rug and listened to “Zachary’s Ball”. It’s a story about a nine-year-old boy who went to a game at Fenway Park. Zachary went with his Dad, was dreaming that he made a great catch in left field, pitched the final winning World Series game, and caught a ball in his seat. The children loved the story.

Several of the 4th graders told stories about balls they had caught, or been given, both in Fenway and while watching the Paw Sox. The told me what they loved about Fenway Park (the Green Monster, hot dogs, and the dirt infield). All eyes were on me while I read the story. It turned out that Zachary’s Ball was a Magic Ball. When we were finished I turned and gave my baseball to the girl sitting on my right. She was delighted…. but I reminded her to the ball was magical and she needed to share it with other children. She nodded yes.

Listening to “Zachary’s Ball” was a magical time for both myself and the children at Hill-Roberts!

We had a lot of fun! These children are precious and we need to give them the best education humanly possible. Hill-Roberts is a really nice school.

Play Ball !!!!