On the Trail with Ty


Today I met a third World War 2 Veteran, a 91 year old who fought in the battle of Okinawa, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, before retiring from the military in 1966. He was tired of war.

But now this North Main Street citizen is scared for another reason. He supports his wife and maintains his house of 50+ years on a fixed income in an era of rising property taxes.He asked what I planned to do to help him financially?

I told this World War 2 vet that I supported a tax freeze/tax break for older seniors who had limited assets. I told him that a bill is sitting in the statehouse, sponsored by Rep. Jim Hawkins, to allow Massachusetts cities and towns to craft their own property tax policy for senior homeowners. This bill would essentially allow Attleboro’s city council to decide the age, asset and income limitations for seniors to gain a tax break.

So I told him and his angry wife that, "Yes, I will support a tax break for them. even if it means I personally have to pay $100-$200 more per year to help elderly seniors keep their homes."

He thanked me and shook my hand. And I told him my handshake is my word.

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