Recently I visited 95 Pine Street (the old Richardson School) and met with numerous agency directors and volunteers serving there. I was very impressed and want to help these agencies continue to serve area residents in this central location. The City of Attleboro is the landlord and has an ultimate goal of selling 95 Pine St. I want these agencies to continue their great work and am doing all I can to support them. Hearings are still being held by the City Council and the next date is August 20th at City Hall, 7 pm. Please come and support the following agencies renting space at 95 Pine Street. They need your support!

95 Pine Street is busy these days with a variety of social services like:
1. The Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative.
2. Mass Hire (Career Center).
3. Pave Your Path.
4. Self-Help
5. St. John’s Clothing Center.
6. St. Vincent de Paul.
7, Vincentian Re-Entry Program
8. WIC.

While there are still four rooms available on the second floor, 95 Pine has served approximately 14,000 people in need of assistance during the past year. In addition, 25,350 meals have been served to local citizens, totally approximately 40,000 times people have been helped in some capacity. This is impressive and shows the great interest by our citizens.

The benefits to the local economy are immense…. and the value attached to these serves is over $2.4 Million Dollars.

Here’s how these organizations help you and your neighbors …
1. Attleboro Interfaith Collaborative (Food for Friends): Emergency Meals, Transportation, Homelessness Assistance, Access to Free Legal Services, Sturdy Hospital Chaplaincy, and much more.
2. Mass Hire: Unemployment Assistance, Job search tools, 6th highest job placement of the 28 Mass Hire sites in our state.
3. Pave Your Path: Resume preparation, Interview prep, Financial Counseling, Life Skills Prep. – Goal: Break the Circle of Poverty, Build Self Sufficiency.
4. Self Help, Inc. – Food Assistance/pantry,
5. St. Johns’s clothing center: footwear, outerwear, clothing.
6. St. Vincent de Paul: Rent Assistance, Gas/Electrical Assistance, Bus passes, Uber rides, GED exam fees, emergency food deliveries and much more.
7 Vincentian Re-Entry Program: Supports people returning to our community after incarceration, food and gas vouchers, transportation assistance, paid admit to sober houses, etc.
8. WIC: The second busiest program at 95 Pine. Helps woman, infants and younger children with nutrition, healthy foods, counseling,

These programs are essential to the well-being of our citizens! Thank you for all the good that you are dispensing every day!

All My Best,
Ty Waterman, City Councilor At-Large

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