My Post election thoughts

Friends: Thank you so much for your strong support for me in the City Council at-large race! I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I didn’t expect the most At-Large votes and all the congratulations you’ve given to me. Yet, I am trying to spend more time with Jan (my wife). She directed my wonderful volunteers superbly. Jan deserves more of me now.

Over the past two weeks I’ve focused on these City Council duties:
*Tuesday evening council meetings,
*Visits to the senior center, meeting with Madeleine (COA director, participated in an extensive interview by Umass as part of the Council on Aging study.
*A lengthy visit with the mayor to learn more about his second term priorities. A very positive visit.
*Attended our moving Veteran’s Day ceremony in South Attleboro’s memorial park. Kudos to Ken, our terrific veteran’s agent!
*Working on three constituent issues regarding speeding, parking, and a residential issue.
*A special council visit at the DPW headquarters with Mike Tyler, superintendent. Discussed need for new trucks to replace old, rusting, and unusable trucks.

My advice is to give time back to your spouses and families whenever you get the opportunity. That’s what I’m starting to do now. I just finished my third citywide campaign and election in the past two years….
a state rep campaign in winter, 2018 …. a special election campaign for city council from June to November, 2018; …. and the 2019 city council campaign/election.

I’ve been campaigning for 10 of the past 22 months! It’s been wonderful. I lost 15 pounds and now fit into size 32 pants. I feel like I am in my 20’s again…. and God knows that was a very long time ago.

But it’s time to put my bike away for the winter. Call me with your concerns. I’ll respond and we’ll figure out the issues together.

One more thing in my life. I have met our future person seeking to succeed Joe Kennedy in the 2020 congressional election. Her name is Becky Grossman and I hope you get to meet her before the 2020 primary elections. Becky has been to Attleboro twice recently and will be back many times. She has pledged to keep the congressional office in Attleboro. I intend to help her get to Washington, DC to represent us.
Becky is in her second term right now as a city councilor in Newton. Let me know if you want to meet her.

More to come. I don’t sit on my duff very long. I want to stay in my size 32 pants.

All the best,
City Councilor Ty Waterman

508-455-1918 – Home
508-577-1412 – Cell

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