Why I am running for State Representative of Attleboro…

Hi: My name is Ty Waterman. I’ve lived in Attleboro 16 years on Dorchester Ave. Jan and I love Attleboro, own an adopted 11 yr. old dog and a modest ranch home. I’m 69 years old, working as the Attleboro YMCA Social Worker. I love this work.

I’ve been a social worker for 31 years in Mass. (LSW Mass License). I worked for the Commonwealth for the first nine years, supporting Intellectually disabled residents at Wrentham State School and day programs/group homes in Boston. For the following 19 years I supervised foster homes for children/teens and disabled adults for a private agency. My favoirite DCF client was a three year old boy who could only say one word, “Dinosaur.” I help him become adopted by a wonderful family.
But I eventually chose to work in Attleboro, which led me to the YMCA. The first year I worked with homeless children, living in a hotel on route 1. We brought them to the YMCA’s summer camp while I got to know the gentleman on the third floor. This was real social work and I loved it!
But I want more. I want to improve state government so those children and struggling parents can have a better life. I want to help Attleboro residents retain good health insurance through the state’s health connector. I want to improve mental health resources for those suffering from depression, low self-esteem, and addictions. I want to help the homeless walking around Attleboro gain decent housing and hope.
I see empty storefronts in Attleboro and imagine the suffering that caused those shuttered doors. So, I want to help small businesses thrive within our city and offer jobs to our residents.
I decided to become part of the solution. I worked on four political campaigns in the past five years, helping progressive candidates become elected to higher office. I held signs for my favorite candidates, knocked on many a door in the city to advocate for candidates, and saw some new progressive leaders step forward in Attleboro.
I want to help increase funds to spark Attleboro’s school system, bringing back the classes and teachers we lost a few years ago. I want our Seniors to feel secure and safe in their Golden Years. I want to protect us from vicious attacks on our state health insurance. I want law-abiding immigrants to feel secure and become productive citizens.
I want all our children to grow up in safe, warm, and loving homes.
We deserve the very best life can offer. This is Massachusetts. This is America.
Submitted by Ty Waterman  (LSW)

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