On the Trail with Ty: 8/31/18

It was a beautiful day on my bike today, heading into neighborhoods off North Main Street (3B). My first visit was with a lawyer who is a partner in a local firm. He listened to my vision for lower class sizes, restoration of foreign languages in middle schools, and reaching out to seniors in their 90’s, including a few remaining WW2 vets as we support the mission of our Senior Center. We talked about listening to one another in the city council and city government. We realized we each have some wisdom and good ideas to impart. We talked about reaching across party lines and celebrating our seniors, veterans, teachers, school children, and health care providers.  We talked about Highland Country Club and a healthy environment in Attleboro. We talked about affordable housing for all, beds for the homeless, and help for those afflicted by addictions. We talked about our dreams for Attleboro.
Yes, dreams are important. Without our dreams, we will never achieve them. I am a dreamer and a problem solver.

When I left his home he thanked me for stopping by and spending a few minutes. I thanked him as well. We really connected and listened to each other.

Yes, it was a beautiful day in our neighborhood. I topped it off by listening to Peter, Paul, and Mary on PBS tonight. Life is good!
It is also Jax’s birthday, who sends “On the Trail With Ty” to you. Happy Birthday, Jax!
Peace, Ty
PS: Ty’s team will be holding signs next Saturday, Sept. 8th, in downtown Attleboro. If anybody would like to join us, anytime between 10 AM to noon, please call Jan Waterman at 508-455-1918. Leave a message and she will return your call. We would love to meet you. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

“You must be Ty on your bicycle!” From the Campaign Trail, 8/17/18

Great day on the trail. Put up 13 signs today with four new signs on Lindsay Street. The forces that be were looking after me. I parked my bike at the beginning of Lindsay when a woman drove up to the red light, looked at me and said, “You must be Ty on your bicycle!” I handed her a palm card, the light turned green and she zoomed off. I had no idea who she was. But she sure was friendly!
Fifteen minutes later I biked into a driveway, and the same lady turned in right behind me. We were properly introduced to each other, had a great talk, and up went a sign. I told her “We were fated to meet today!” Gretchen smiled again.
It was a good day. Drive down Lindsay and you will see some signs now. A great way to start out in Ward 3B!
Today is my wife Jan and I’s 16th wedding anniversary. Jan is a beautiful, gentle and supportive lady. Tonight Jan took me out to a Paw Sox game (we won, 5-3) and bought me dinner as part of my birthday present. Tomorrow we leave for a week of camping at Lamoine State Park, sleeping in a tent 100 yards from the ocean with a view of the mountains of Acadia National Park.
Now I am officially on my vacation. I will be back on Sunday, August 26th.
Cheers, Ty