On the Trail with Ty: 10/31/18 Halloween

Halloween reminds us that fun and laughter is essential. I dressed up as Manny Ramirez at a Halloween Party for children at the Willett School on Sunday. I wore a Manny Ramirez wig, my baseball cap and a genuine Red Sox Manny uniform. It was a blast!
The race for city councilor feels extremely close. This is due to a close race in signs, my perception that many people like my message for children, excellent education and caring about seniors. A number of people are delighted I’m appearing at their door. My name recognition is fairly good. We are in for a tight race.
I don’t know who is reading this but I am making a plea to anyone who wants me in office.
Please reach out to TWO PEOPLE that haven’t yet made up their mind, urging them to vote for me. You may think this is unnecessary, to the contrary, it is critically important.
When I was in my mid-20’s I voted for a U.S. Senator candidate in New Hampshire. The vote turned out to be a dead tie. NH could not determine the winner in an age of paper ballots. The ballots finally were sent to the US Supreme Court for a final result. The Supreme Court could not make a decision and called the vote a tie.
One year after the original vote in 1974 another election was held in October, 1975 to determine the final victor. This time, John Durkin was elected to the United States Senate.
So let’s imagine the Attleboro vote for city council is a dead tie. If you speak to two people over the weekend and ask them to vote for me that could be crucial. If 20 people are reading this message that could produce 40 additional votes.
Perhaps I appear greedy and too competitive. I’ve given my life to this campaign since mid-June. I believe I can be helpful for children and seniors if I am elected to the Council. The two votes you can potentially send my way could make all the difference.
Meanwhile, I will knock on doors at least five hours a day through Monday. But I need your help.
Your candidate,
Ty Waterman


Sunday, July 28 — Volunteer David and I were talking with an Attleboro teacher this afternoon. She was telling us about the cut backs in the school system over the years. David and I were listening to her concerns when I noticed an Attleboro policeman walking up behind us. I had no idea what was going on.

Someone in that neighborhood had called the police to complain that David and I were harassing the neighborhood. We had knocked on four doors and only talked with one other person besides the middle school teacher. The police said that we were soliciting without a license, an offense that carries a hefty fine. The policeman was very professional and we instantly stopped talking with the lady.
Soon three police cars were in the cul-de-sac area. They thought we were pulling a solar energy scheme upon the residents. At least that’s what one of the neighbors thought when they called the police. But fortunately, upon speaking with us, the police soon learned that we were on a political mission. We were told the only people that can freely knock on Attleboro doors without a license are political and church people.
Everyone relaxed when they realized I was running for city council. I told the three policeman that I was glad they were checking for soliticitors running a solar energy scam on the residents. As far as I am concerned, Attleboro’s finest were doing their job of protecting us and doing it well.
I have had several occasions to need help from the police in my sixteen years in Attleboro. Our police have always been very professional and fair in my experience. Jan and I support the Attleboro police at their annual fund raiser every year.
I’m glad I’m not peddling solar energy schemes in Attleboro! I plan to be very supportive of our police if I get to join the City Council in November.

Election Dates Announced for Attleboro’s Special Election

Mark your calendars! March 6th will be the date for the Primary and April 3rd will be the Special Election.

More information: http://www.thesunchronicle.com/news/local_news/special-elections-set-for-attleboro-state-rep-race/article_21d571fb-5c1c-5e54-a07e-a37c0de932e9.html

Register to vote: https://www.cityofattleboro.us/369/Voting-Information

Help spread the word!