Council Connection: 11/14/18

Last night I heard seniors tell the city council how much they wanted to keep their homes. It wasn’t easy to pay their bills but it meant so much for them to continue living at home, despite fixed incomes and their physical aging. The council never asked a question and everyone appeared to be intently listening to the residents who spoke. I was proud of each speaker, pouring out their hearts to give a small break in their neighbor’s property taxes. They didn’t want anyone to lose their homes.
I waited almost an hour before speaking.  So I listened while I waited for my turn. The love for their homes, families, and for Attleboro was amazing to witness.
Finally I spoke. I told the city council that a lot of people are scared. I asked the council to lower our property taxes a bit. We all need some help while we begin paying for the new high school.
I was very proud of our city last night. Everyone in the council chambers shared their love for Attleboro. No one disagreed. It was a powerful night.
I believe the city council heard every word. I believe the council will reach out a helping hand to those in need.
FULL CITY COUNCIL 11/13/18 – (Courtesy of DoubleACS)

On the Trail with Ty: 9/20/18

Today I met with a couple who live in Ward 4B, near the Norton line. They are retired, still have a mortgage, and their tax bill has recently increased from $4,000 to $5,200 a year. They are expecting next years tax bill to climb over $6,000 on their fixed income. This is a story being played out all over Attleboro.
In this case, the couple is seriously considering moving to North Carolina where taxes and housing costs are a lot less expensive. Most seniors either can’t move or don’t want to leave their extended family behind. We need to help those folks who choose to stay in Attleboro.
In recent weeks I have seen a dramatic increases in homes for sale. I hope these are people choosing to live in a better home. But some of them may be moving into apartments or downsizing because they can’t afford their current homes.
I love Attleboro and plan to stay. But I want to help Seniors that are in danger of losing their homes. Our State Rep., Jim Hawkins, has informed me that three bills are working their way through the state house. The goal is to help seniors get a cap on their taxes or a loan to help them through a housing crisis. I haven’t seen the details but I hope to vote for one of these housing bills as a city councilor.
Affordable housing is one of our deepest needs, especially when we live on fixed incomes.
Ty speaking in his home at his Campaign Kick-Off Party 1/6/18

Why am I running for State Representative?

Attleboro residents ask me several times a week why I am running for state rep this winter? Here’s why…
  • I admire the job Paul Heroux has done for the past five years and want to continue his excellent work, especially with constituent services.
  • I am a career social worker and want to help the state continue our legacy of delivering first-rate human services for our children, elderly, mentally ill, intellectually disabled and middle-class folks.
  • I love Attleboro and want to bring more educational funding into our city.
  • I want to protect the Mass Health/Mass Connector for our residents.

All of the above is true, but why am I running for office NOW?

  • I have been propelled into action, in part, because the federal government shows no interest in the poor, mentally ill, intellectually disabled, and senior citizens of our Commonwealth.
  • The recent income tax legislation does precious little to improve the lives of our low-income citizens and will harm Massachusetts citizens who pay higher property taxes.
  • The White House and congressional leaders are supporting block grants that will erode away Mass Health and the health of many of our citizens.
  • And finally, Washington shows no interest in helping us protect our own environment. Boston is already planning for severe flooding from rising ocean water. Massachusetts needs to work with other northeastern states if we want to slow down the deadly effects of global warming.

It is time for Massachusetts Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; Bay Staters of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, our wealthy, poor, and middle-class alike. It is time to take care of each other. Massachusetts is getting precious little help from the current federal government.

          That is why I am running for State Representative. I want to be a voice for Attleboro!
Submitted by Ty Waterman,
Democratic candidate for State Representative,
Attleboro, Massachusetts.