For the first time in my life…

It’s official!!! I was certified by the Attleboro election office last Monday with 185 valid signatures (150 required) and filed with Secretary of State Galvin’s office this past Wednesday. It’s a relief and exciting. I’m going to be on the ballot for the first time in my life! In addition, I was OK’d by the Ethics Commission after filling out 42 pages, mostly about my financial affairs. I don’t owe any money, nor do I owe any special interest group my votes.

    I am free and clear to vote in the best interest of our Attleboro residents. I vow to always take into account the concerns of Attleboro and feel comfortable with my endorsements by SEIU, the State Social Workers Union, and the New England Carpenters Union. I have been asked to apply for half a dozen more endorsements and decided to focus on meeting the voters instead. Seeking endorsements is time-consuming and we only have five weeks left in the campaign. Besides, the other unions wanted me to support their issues. I am here for the voters of Attleboro, first and foremost!
    Thanks to all my volunteers for helping collect the 185 signatures!!