On the Trail with Ty: 9/13/18

Please note this post was held back until we had the interview to share.

Today’s highlight was my radio interview on WARA . It was really fun. We probably talked too long about baseball and my book, The Year the Red Sox Won the Series. It was published 19 years ago about the 1918 world champion Red Sox. The host also raved about my social media page, which is primarily due to the skill of Jax Adele. I praised Jax at the end of today’s interview. Lots of fun!

Listen Here! Interview starts at 59:32

I surprised myself when I shared my views on marijuana. To sum it up: I don’t trust alcohol, pot, LSD, or anything which alters our mind. I grew up with an alcoholic father and was exposed to many a drunken episode by him and his friends. I spent countless weekends with my Dad in bar rooms from 10 to 14 years old. It took me a long time to get over that experience and led to my career as a social worker. I realize pot is not alcohol but it does affect a person’s view of reality. It also affects how we drive.
I voted against legalizing pot but will abide by the vote of Attleboro. I support the use of medical marijuana because it helps people in pain. However,  I’m uneasy about our city making money off of recreational pot. That is the direction we have chosen to go. I just don’t want to see anyone life destroyed due to substance abuse.
As a city councilor, I will abide by the will of our voters.
I tried hashish in tea once when I was 20 years old. My cousin and I went out to a Washington D.C. all night eatery. I remember floating right up to the top of the ceiling and watching everyone eating below me. It was the weirdest feeling I have ever had in my life. I never did it again. Once was enough.

December 6 —  To the good citizens of Attleboro

       I had a great time going on the WARA 1320 AM yesterday! Paul Healy is witty, anything but average, and does a very credible job as a DJ/talk host. We opened with some baseball talk about Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams. Elvis Presley crept into the scene when I announced he was my all-time favorite singer. Paul H. countered with Elvis Costello. We laughed.
      Our conversation turned more serious when Paul asked if I supported Hillary or Bernie or some previous president I was temporarily stumped. Then in a flash I countered that John Kerry was my favorite statesmen. John was the brightest, most inquisitive deep thinker I ever met…. hands down! We spent an evening together when I was 23 and he was 28. That was the night I realized that being a “public servant” is a “higher calling”.
     I’m not kidding. It would be my greatest honor to represent Attleboro in the state house and help the good folk of our city navigate the Mass. government. I really like helping people. Perhaps I am a bit of a snowflake. Paul thought Howie Carr would call me a “flake”. So what? Who said it’s a bad thing to try and help the good citizens of Attleboro? Enuf said.
      I gave an impassioned pitch for the good work of the Larson Senior Center and the Attleboro Community Theatre. I mentioned the great work Lisa Nelson does out of Joe Kennedy’s office in Attleboro. I shared three state committees I’d like to be on… with the Education Committee and the Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities leading my wish list.
     We talked about the Millionaire Tax that will be on the ballot next fall. It’s estimated to bring in roughly two billion dollars into Mass. transportation and city/town educational systems. If you make over a million bucks, you’ll help fix our state roads and schools. Then we wound our way back to Chapter 70 and Attleboro’s educational needs. We both agreed that every school system should teach civics as a graduation requirement. I promised to do everything within my power to help revise Chapter 70 and bring a bigger state revenue stream into our city schools.
     Elvis continued to croon in the background and after an hour I agreed to return and talk baseball sometime. Paul Healy makes time move fast. I’m going to listen to WARA 1320 AM more often!
On the campaign trail with Ty

Listen to the FULL radio show here, courtesy of WARA 1320am.