Campaign Thoughts – February 6th

Today was successful. Bill Burke drove, John Corrigan and I jumped out of the car repeatedly to knock on doors, drop off palm cards and meet the voters. We went to 68 homes, met a lot of interested people, and put up 8 signs. Our volunteers are making a big difference. I can’t do all of this on my own. Not even close. We have 10-12 volunteers holding signs every Saturday. Jax is terrific on social media. Bill handles our funds and purchases. Jan organizes the sign holders. What a team!

I feel a movement happening. People like the idea of a social worker running for public office. They like the idea of service to others. I tell every voter that each of them is important. If someone needs help, calls me and shares their problem, I will respond. I will do my absolute best to help them. That usually brings a smile because they know I am serious.
Today I met a merchant mariner who commutes weekly to work a boat leading bigger boats into New York Harbor. He badly wants a Democrat to replace what he considers a corrupt, angry, incompetent who holds national office for the next three years. He wants to help me get elected to the state house. I can’t change our President but we can make this a better country.
Then I met a senior woman who left her baking bread in the kitchen to answer the door. She has been expecting me to visit, read about me in the paper, and was happy to offer her lawn for a sign. She wants to elect me!
The Carpenters Union called while we were knocking on doors. The union rep found two more carpenters in Attleboro to take my signs. He also sent me a letter the New England Carpenters political staff wrote. The letter finished by saying:
“Ty understands what it means to serve others. He has worked for over thirty years as a social worker, helping shepherd folks from all walks of life, and making his community a better, more caring place. He gets how important it is to have a roof over your head, a good paying job, and the opportunity for a dignified retirement, having seen firsthand across the Commonwealth the effects of housing insecurity, unemployment, and poverty. We strongly encourage our members in the Second Bristol district to get out and vote for Ty Waterman.”
I am humbled. I can only say thank you for everyone that is helping and believing in me. Your help motivates me to work even harder for the average man, woman, and especially our children! Thank you.
                                                             All the best,
PS: Would you like to join our campaign team? Something special is happening in Attleboro. Call me at 508-577-1412. Anything you can do is helpful.

The New England Regional Council of Carpenters support Ty!

Today John Manning, Business Representative, Local 535 from the New England Regional Council of Carpenters stopped by to present Ty and campaign treasurer, Bill Burke a check for the campaign. Ty was excited to share with John the ways in which the money was going to be utilized to reach constituents in 2018.


The committee to elect Ty Waterman truly thanks the support from the NERCC as well as John Manning, Local 535, Thomas Flynn, Local 67, and Stephen Joyce, Local 33. It’s only when we all work together can we truly make the community of Attleboro, better and more united. #TyAttleboroTogether