Appearance: Public Policy with Paul [VIDEO]

Please visit DoubleACS at or watch the embedded file below to watch an episode of Public Policy with Paul (Mayor Paul Heroux) as he gives the public the opportunity to get to know the Democratic candidates for State Representative of Attleboro.

Thanks to Mayor Paul and DoubleACS for this program.

Don’t Forget! The primary is March 6th. We have made a Facebook event to help remind you:


     I’m not a career politician. I am a social worker and a public servant. My goal is to help you, the citizens of Attleboro, with your problems. Call me, I will respond.
      I’ve been a resident of Attleboro since 2002, am married to a wonderful lady named Jan, and have two adult daughters, Kate and Arryn. I earned a bachelors degree in physical education and American history from the University of Maine (Orono) and a Masters from Boston University. In 1999 I co-wrote the book “The Year the Red Sox won the Series” about the 1918 Boston Red Sox; serve on the Board of Directors for Norton Singers and on the board of directors of SABR (The Society for American Baseball research. Acting and singing are in my blood.
      For the past three years, I’ve been the Social Worker for the Attleboro YMCA. I assist residents with counseling, employment issues, medical needs, transportation, etc. For the previous 19 years, I supervised foster care for intellectually disabled adults and DCF children and teenagers. I trained foster parents, visited the foster homes weekly, worked with families, arranged medical care and behavioral therapy for clients, wrote assessments, and prepared the agency for state audits.
      Prior to that, I worked nine years as a Social Worker for the Dept. of Developmental Services. I supervised group homes for disabled adults, monitored day programs, ran ISP meetings, and worked with medically and behaviorally involved clients at Wrentham State School.
      I know something about how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts cares for their clients.
      These are some of the specific issues I’m interested in as a State Rep.
      A: Elder Affairs:
          1. Legislating quality care by nursing homes.
          2. Ensuring dementia/Alzheimer’s training in state facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and home care.
          3. Be supportive of the Larson Senior Center’s mission.
      B: Children, Families and Disability Issues:
          1. Promoting independent choices by People With Disabilities.
          2. Improving outcomes for transition age youth (18 years and older) who have aged out of DCF care.
          3. Protecting children of the Commonwealth.
      C: Education
          1. Reform the Chapter 70 formula for educational aid.
      * OUR CHILDREN DESERVE AN EXCELLENT EDUCATION. I will work hard to increase Attleboro’s state education aid.
      * Fight for the MASS HEALTHCARE system. It will be under attack if the federal government moves to block grants.
      * Advocate on behalf of our SENIOR CITIZENS.
      * Improve state services for people living with a MENTAL ILLNESS, CHILDREN in FOSTER CARE, & people with an INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY.
      * Protect Massachusetts and Attleboro’s ENVIRONMENT and oppose the Rehoboth Compressor Station. I will refile Paul Heroux’s bill which he sponsored on the compressor issue.
      * Budget your tax dollars CAREFULLY, WISELY, and with COMPASSION FOR THOSE IN NEED.
      * I handle my personal finances very carefully and will do so as YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE.
      * Above all, I will provide first-rate CONSTITUENT SERVICES. If you contact me, I WILL RESPOND PROMPTLY.