Election Week Recap

TUESDAY, MARCH 6th: My wonderful volunteers helped all day long, holding signs well past the limits of normal human endurance on all five voting sites. John Manning and the Southeastern Carpenters Union sent 7 volunteers to help man LaSallette and St. Theresa’s voting areas with signs. I was really proud of you guys! Thank you, John (Carpenter’s) and Calvin (SEIU 509 Social Workers) for you union support!
 We lost 690-402 and the turnout might have been an all-time record Attleboro low… about 10% of registered voters. The rush hour even seemed dreadfully slow! Running for public office isn’t for sissies!
When I found out the results on the TV screen about 8:30 pm, I was the first one to tell our volunteers. Then I took a long shower to gather my thoughts. My first concern was my friends in the living room. How could I console them and put them in more of a party mood? They were so dedicated, close, loyal…. each of them had become more like a friend than a volunteer.
Thanks to Jax we stayed upbeat… Jax could lift the spirits of a homeless man resting in the rain on library steps! She lifted my spirits all right. I told them we really were winners. We held signs 7 or 8 Saturdays, through all kinds of weather. We went out canvassing at least twice a week. Jax developed a terrific social website, Zach and Jax put together mailing lists for a citywide mailing, Bill handled treasurers duties quite capably and displayed amazing driving and parking skills while we toured all around Attleboro knocking on doors and putting up signs on 107 sites. Bill woke me up many a morning while sipping his third cup of coffee and told me he was ready to go out knocking on doors! We put up signs early and often. Our supporters were effervescent (not sure what that means but it sounds good). I had two terrific radio interviews by Paul Healy and two debates…. did better on the 2nd one. Our kickoff party was only 60 days before our election nite party. IT WAS FAST! We went outside in six degrees and finished in a March hurricane that almost destroyed my neighborhood and wrecked a house next door.
I told our volunteers we had a lot to be proud of and this is not the end… only the end of the beginning!
Paul Heroux dropped in about 9:30 and cheered us up again with his witty sense of humor and complimented us on our efforts and loyalty to one another. We have a terrific team! Thanks, Paul. You are a real friend,
IT WAS A WILD RIDE. We should be proud of our accomplishments. We started with relatively low name recognition and brought 402 voters onto our platform “WE NEED A KINDER, GENTLER GOVERNMENT!”

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7: I went to Morin’s at 10 AM for the Dems unity breakfast… Not sure why Paulo (the third Dem in the primary) didn’t show.But I came to congratulation Jim Hawkins. I was amazed when Ellen Parker and Bill Bowles took me aside to tell me what a great campaign we ran. He told me we were almost perfect. The biggest challenge was creating more name and face recognition… we’re in the middle of that project right now. Jim shook my hand, grabbed my shoulders, and thanked me profusely for coming to support his victory. I had done the right thing by coming to support Jim.
Then I went out to my car and drove around Attleboro for 7 hours picking up all our signs! I was determined to clean up and move on with my life. Bill, you would have proud of my driving and parking. Almost as fast and good as yours… not quite, though! When I returned from South Attleboro at 6:30 pm it was pitch dark and rainy. But the signs were all in my car.
THURSDAY, MARCH 8th: I met with Mel and Alice (volunteers living in Sharon). I didn’t know what to do with myself. Suddenly I had time. What to do? We went out to lunch. I needed to rest. Exhausted.
FRIDAY, MARCH 9th: While working for the YMCA, I kept getting compliments throughout the day. Everyone was positive and told me to keep running for city or state government. I felt like I’d struck a chord of enthusiasm with a wide variety of people. EVEN JULIE HALL TOLD ME I SHOULD RUN FOR CITY COUNCIL when I literally ran into her, while she was jogging past the YMCA!
SATURDAY, MARCH 10: I received a 6 am Email from Ellen, inviting me to go canvassing that day for Jim Hawkins. Suddenly, everything clicked into place. Jim’s a good candidate, ran a hard and clean race for state rep, and won. Now he needs help.
While showering, I had a revelation… now it’s my turn to help Jim win this race for the Democratic Party, for the entire city of Attleboro. He’s a nice man and an excellent advocate for our Attleboro schools, as a former high school teacher in our city. So, I E-mailed Jim and we talked on the phone at 8 am. I told him that I want to endorse him and actively work door to door to help him to victory. He was a little surprised but we made a pact in December to support one another and never attack each other. Now was the time for me to live up to that promise.
I am in a position to help Jim, to ask my voters to give Jim their support. Will you help Jim to victory over Julie Hall on April 3rd? I would give Jim all 402 of my votes if I could.
That would make a big difference come the April 3rd election day! It’s time to help Jim now. So I sent him my list of volunteers and people who took our 197 signs.
SUNDAY, MARCH 11th: I WENT TO THE 2nd CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH IN THE CENTER OF THE CITY. More people congratulated me on a good showing and urged me to never give up. I read the scripture and the call to worship as today’s liturgist. The scripture was about a woman who had been sick for a long time but kept coming back to Jesus to be healed. She never gave up and finally, Jesus blessed and granted her wish to be healed.
The sermon and scripture spoke to me.  Don’t give up. Get up off my butt and keep focused on the future. I believe I’m supposed to be a voice for the people, to proclaim the need for a “KINDER, GENTLER GOVERNMENT.”  My path may be a bit winding but my time…. our time…. will come.
PS A special thank you goes out to Jax. She never gives up!

Election Dates Announced for Attleboro’s Special Election

Mark your calendars! March 6th will be the date for the Primary and April 3rd will be the Special Election.

More information: http://www.thesunchronicle.com/news/local_news/special-elections-set-for-attleboro-state-rep-race/article_21d571fb-5c1c-5e54-a07e-a37c0de932e9.html

Register to vote: https://www.cityofattleboro.us/369/Voting-Information

Help spread the word!