On the Trail with Ty: 9/20/18

1. The highlight on Wednesday was recovering a lost dog and returning him to his owner. While driving on Thacher Street (5B) we almost ran into the owner. He was beside himself. His dog had been lost for a couple of hours in the South Main St & Thacher area. Five minutes later, while knocking on Tyler St. doors, we spotted Tonka, a huge old dog, meandering around a yard. I managed to lure Tonka towards me, steered him home, and made his owner’s day. That was fun!
2. Next, I met Chris. Chris is dog- tired of commuting to his job in Burlington, Mass. It’s can be a four hour round trip commute! Chris is seriously considering moving closer to his job. We agreed that commuting can be hell on wheels, literally. After venting, Chris offered to take one of my a signs. Sometimes people just need to talk. And I like to listen.
3. Today (Thursday) was spent in the Meadowsweet & Richie Road area (off Oak Hill Ave.) My highlight was meeting Anne, who is a recent cancer survivor. Fortunately she is in remission. We shared our mutual stories. I am also in remission after prostate surgery in December, 2017.  Anne and I really connected in the ten minutes we talked.
When I leave someone’s door, I suggest they phone me (508-577-1412) when they have any concerns. I really mean that.