Press Release

PRESS RELEASE:  November 24, 2017
Attleboro resident Ty Waterman is announcing his candidacy as a Democrat running for State Representative in Attleboro. Ty wants to succeed Rep. Paul Heroux, who was recently elected Mayor of Attleboro.
Waterman, 69,  has been a Dorchester Ave., Attleboro resident for the past 16 years. Ty was a social worker (LSW) with the Commonwealth of Mass. and Dare Family Services in Wrentham and Boston for 28 years. He supervised child and adult foster care in Greater Boston and developmentally disabled adults living at Wrentham Developmental Center.
For the past three years, Ty has been the Attleboro YMCA’s Social Worker, working primarily with the residents. Waterman earned his Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Maine (Orono), and his Master’s in Counseling from Boston University.
Waterman believes he is the best choice for Attleboro’s next State Representative because of his career in social work and counseling. His top priorities include: constituent service work, which is 80% of a state rep’s work; increasing aid for education in Attleboro; and protecting the Mass Health Care System.
“When people need help with government, I am there for them 100% of the way,” said Waterman. “I want to aid seniors, children and adults in the foster care system, small businesses and all Attleboro’s residents who want my support.”