After the DEBATE last night…

Thank you to DoubleACS for providing the debate live and afterwards for us to view.

Hi team: Wow! My first debate on live television tonight. I prepped hard for the debate, anticipating lots of tough questions on taxes, immigration, jobs, small business, gun control, the $15 proposed minimum wage, definitely the Attleboro schools, sanctuary cities, the environment, marijuana, and Mass Health.

Ellen, Bill, Zach and I met for three hours Sunday afternoon prepping for tonite. We watched Paul Heroux’s 2014 debate in front of the Chamber of Commerce leaders. Afterwards, I spent many hours writing out my answers to all the questions I thought would be asked.
Jan and Jax suggested that I lead with my HEART tonite. So I did. I spoke about being a social worker, not a career politician. I used George Bush Senior’s old phrase “WE NEED A KINDER, GENTLER GOVERNMENT”. described my past as a social worker and that constituent services as my highest priority.
1. No questions asked about small businesses. That really surprised me, coming from the Chamber of Commerce.
2. The big question tonite was about guns, following the horror in Florida. It probably involved mental illness. No sane person would do such a thank as kill 17 innocent students. I was asked what can we do in Massachusetts to prevent this tragedy from occurring?
3.  Improved mental health, better DCF foster care, more mandated reporters, better treatment for addicts, tougher gun registration laws all went through my head while I tried to answer what I would advocate.
I found myself talking about locked schools in Boston, school police screening anyone who entered the schools, the need for legislation that insured regular lockdown drills in Massachusetts schools.
    No one suggested repealing the 2nd amendment. Guns are the biggest issue I have run into on my campaign trail. A number of Attleboro voters have asked me if I would support the right to bear arms. I assured them that I was supportive of the second amendment, strong registrations, banning assault weapons for citizens, but allowing guns to be used in hunting and target practice.
    I don’t want to take away the right to own a gun, but I do want to elevate the quality of our mental illness treatment. I want to elevate the precautions that schools must live with during the school day. I want to prevent anyone outside of the student body from entering without being checked by either a security officer or policeman. I want gun registration to include the owner’s social security number, I want background checks similar to CORI’s for new residents at the YMCA I work at.
    We have a lot of violence in our American society. There are no simple answer.s… but mental illness is a clue for some of these problems.
4. The rest of the debate was mild in comparison to the discussion about guns. I told the crowd that I support the $15 minimum wage. No one challenged me. I told the crowd that the struggling parents on minimum wage needed this kind of boost.
5. I  announced that I support the Millionaire Tax, also a ballot question. No one challenged me. This will provide new money for our public schools.
6. I told the crowd I wanted to be on the state commission overseeing the elderly, mentally ill, DCF children, DDS intellectually disabled people. I tried to say it in a caring way…. and I emphasized that DCF only has 5 nurses in the agency, covering 6 or 7 offices apiece. We can’t allow that to happen.
WE NEED A KINDER, GENTLER GOVERNMENT ….. words we need to take seriously.
7. I applauded Massachusetts for providing one of the best, if not the best, Medicaid systems in the United States. Mass Health/Mass Connector is about 40% of our state budget. 1.8 million children are now covered by Mass Health and other forms of health insurance… only 12,000 children in Mass. live without health insurance. But if we know who those 12,000 children are… we must find a way to get them covered too.
    I fully expect Mass Health to be attacked by the federal government this year. Massachusetts might be running a better health care system than our federal government runs! Wow!
    Our evening was saddened by the terrible slaughter in Florida. America must protect our innocent children. And we need to offer an improved mental health system here in Massachusetts. We need to widen the net of mandated reporters. We need to have very tight Massachusetts and USA gun registration rules. We need background checks, ban the assault rifle bans, and mandate social security numbers of gun owners. President Trump canceled the rule to provide social security numbers that might have prevented gun violence.
8. We were complimented tonight by the moderator of the debate for our civility with one another. It was a positive debate, sharing of issues, but our national leaders have not succeeded in preventing gun violence.
To sum my position up: I am for common sense gun laws. I am for expanded mental health programs. I am for more protection for schools and children, I want to ban the ownership of assault rifles.. We can have crossing guards… shouldn’t we have security guards inside of schools who can prevent strangers from entering? We hate to think that our schools need police to protect them… but this could prevent future tragedies.
We must do something about gun violence in America.
-Ty for State Representative of Attleboro

Debate 7pm Tonight!

Tonight DoubleACS will stream the Debate from City Hall live. They can be found on channel 15 in Attleboro, YouTube and Facebook. The debate is sponsored by the United Regional Chamber of Commerce and will have all of the candidates for State Representative of Attleboro present. Ty is ready and excited to be a part of this event.

Article about debate from the Sun Chronicle:

Endorsement: Jax Adele

Originally published in the Sun Chronicle on Feb 7th.


To the editor:

I have known Ty Waterman for over a year as a colleague at the YMCA. Our departments don’t overlap often, I’ve been able to get to know him as a volunteer for his campaign.

Ty is very approachable. His friendly smile and caring disposition make you feel welcomed. It was no surprise to learn he is a social worker. A great listener, Ty not only considers what someone is communicating but also the emotional context and position behind it. He sweetly acknowledges others with nods and related questions.

His ability to connect with people and truly listen makes me confident in his ability to be a public servant as state representative for Attleboro. He wants to help everyone in our community. He’s already begun helping individuals offering resources and information to those who stop to talk to him in his travels.

His persistence and self-driven attitude toward campaigning shows he genuinely loves this city. The volunteers who have surrounded Ty during this time are wonderful neighbors who are supportive of Ty and his pledge. When Ty and I disagree we are able to meet, communicate openly and with respect. I encourage you to find out more about Ty by visiting

Jax Adele



Social club Yattleboro with Ty and Jan Waterman


Jax and Ty holding signs in the center of the city


Campaign Thoughts – February 6th

Today was successful. Bill Burke drove, John Corrigan and I jumped out of the car repeatedly to knock on doors, drop off palm cards and meet the voters. We went to 68 homes, met a lot of interested people, and put up 8 signs. Our volunteers are making a big difference. I can’t do all of this on my own. Not even close. We have 10-12 volunteers holding signs every Saturday. Jax is terrific on social media. Bill handles our funds and purchases. Jan organizes the sign holders. What a team!

I feel a movement happening. People like the idea of a social worker running for public office. They like the idea of service to others. I tell every voter that each of them is important. If someone needs help, calls me and shares their problem, I will respond. I will do my absolute best to help them. That usually brings a smile because they know I am serious.
Today I met a merchant mariner who commutes weekly to work a boat leading bigger boats into New York Harbor. He badly wants a Democrat to replace what he considers a corrupt, angry, incompetent who holds national office for the next three years. He wants to help me get elected to the state house. I can’t change our President but we can make this a better country.
Then I met a senior woman who left her baking bread in the kitchen to answer the door. She has been expecting me to visit, read about me in the paper, and was happy to offer her lawn for a sign. She wants to elect me!
The Carpenters Union called while we were knocking on doors. The union rep found two more carpenters in Attleboro to take my signs. He also sent me a letter the New England Carpenters political staff wrote. The letter finished by saying:
“Ty understands what it means to serve others. He has worked for over thirty years as a social worker, helping shepherd folks from all walks of life, and making his community a better, more caring place. He gets how important it is to have a roof over your head, a good paying job, and the opportunity for a dignified retirement, having seen firsthand across the Commonwealth the effects of housing insecurity, unemployment, and poverty. We strongly encourage our members in the Second Bristol district to get out and vote for Ty Waterman.”
I am humbled. I can only say thank you for everyone that is helping and believing in me. Your help motivates me to work even harder for the average man, woman, and especially our children! Thank you.
                                                             All the best,
PS: Would you like to join our campaign team? Something special is happening in Attleboro. Call me at 508-577-1412. Anything you can do is helpful.


Jan and I were deeply moved by the horrifying depiction of the starvation and suffering the Yemenese people are going through. This disaster is occurring without much world-wide attention!

I want to thank everyone who helped put on the Yemen Awareness Event on January 20th at the Ezekial Bates Lodge. It was a sobering on one hand, yet the music and quiet support from a good number of Attleboro residents were uplifting. I heard that $750 was raised to help the Yemenese and Special Olympics!

Congratulations on opening our hearts. I was educated and personally embarrassed that I was not aware of the genocide in Yemen. But I plan to go to Congressman Joe Kennedy’s office soon to learn more about what Joe and Congress are doing to help the Yemenese.

Thank you to Aaron and the rest of the Lodge members who helped us become aware of this suffering in Yemen.

Ty Waterman, candidate for State Representative, Attleboro.

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