Ty’s City Council News: February 22, 2022 – 5th edition.

Tonight, we held Committee Meetings. But the most important decision was one that we didn’t make yet.

The Finance Committee (This is a combination of the former Capital Improvements and Budget Committees): Chaired by Richard Conti, with Councilor Sarah Reynolds present, met for an hour and a half with Melissa Tucker, Director of the Senior Center and Atty Jack Jacobi, Chair of the Municipal Building Commission.

The proposed motion sent by Mayor Heroux: “to appropriate $150,000 for a feasibility study for a new senior center:”

Attorney Jacobi and Melissa Tucker made a thorough presentation stressing the age and condition of the current Senior Center, the parking problems, the size of the current facility and the inability to run larger programming within the South Main Street facility. Attorney Jacobi predicted a feasibility study might cost less than $150,000 and will involve looking at all possible sites for a new or reconstructed center. Melissa Tucker stressed that the Council on Aging has a particular interest in a location at Highland Park. 

(I am very supportive of this proposed motion. The Council on Aging voted to find a new home one year ago after visiting the golf club building at Highland Park last March 17th.)

After much deliberation the motion for a feasibility study remains within the Finance Committee. No decisions have been made yet by either the Finance Committee or the City Council.

The Finance Committee also approved motions to

  • Appropriate #7,546.00 to repair the Bartek Center building for the Recreation Department.
  • Appropriate $15,000 to purchase a new prefabricated ticket booth at the Capron Park Zoo.

The City Property Committee approved motions 3-0 to:

  • A resolution in support of the South Attleboro train station project. 
  • A motion to accept the generous donation of 20 laptops to the Attleboro library from Sensata, estimated value of $10,000. (I am very impressed with Sensata’s generosity).
  • A motion to accept a generous donation to Studley Elementary School from Ameriport logistics of a Skutt km kiln with an estimated value of $3,440.92.

The Personnel, Veterans and Human Services Committee approved a motion 3 to 0 to approve 23,776.48 to fund a new grade 9 Solid Waste Manager for the remainder of FY22. 

On Tuesday, March 1, all motions passed on February 22 will be considered by the entire City Council.

Ty Waterman

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