Ty’s City Council News: February 15, 2022 – 4th edition. 

Tonight, we held eight public hearings. Two of the hearings were of particular interest to me.

  1. A public hearing with Mayor Heroux: to place permanent speed humps on Claflin street. The speed hump program is designed for cut-thru streets with high levels of traffic. Attleboro has a limited supply of speed humps and is considering installing them on a few streets in Attleboro.
  2. A fascinating public hearing regarding a possible amendment to the city charter, Article 3, Section 3-8  “Vacancy In Office Of The Mayor” – Special Election.” Mayor Heroux testified that the Attleboro City Charter doesn’t specify how to replace a mayor if the vacancy occurs more than 9 months prior to the next November Mayoral election. Former City Council President Frank Cook testified in opposition. Well worth watching the tape of this debate by WARA/TV.

Highlights of the city council meeting:

  1. VOTED 10 to 0: Approved $10,008 for the Attleboro Historical Commission to hire a consultant
  2. VOTED 10 to 0: Approved $636,000 to purchase body cameras for our police, a in-car video system, and computer software. Not certain when this new system will be put into action. I agreed that the time is right, and this will protect both our police and our citizens.
  3. VOTED 10 to 0: Approved a $10,000 state grant to Attleboro so we can participate in a public art program that is being promoted across Massachusetts. I’m looking forward to more public artwork like the murals recently painted in Cuddy Corner behind the city parking garage. Maybe we can have attractive murals throughout the downtown area!
  4. VOTED 10 TO 0: For repairs to a vehicle within the veteran’s department. This may be a minor expense but an important cause. This vehicle is part of the small fleet that transports our veterans to the VA for doctor’s appointments in Providence, Boston or Brockton. We have recently been blessed by additional volunteer drivers to transport our vets.
  5. VOTED 10 to 0: Accepted to match a Bristol Elder Service grant to fund a Council on Aging part-time outreach worker. Attleboro receives 50% of the cost of this COA social worker. Attleboro has approximately 11,000 seniors, many of them struggling with the pandemic and our economy. I believe in social workers.
  6. VOTED 10 to 0: Reappointed Deb Gould as City Auditor And Virginia Stuart-Becker as City Council Assistant. The City Council couldn’t work properly without their constant help.
  7. VOTED 10 to 0: Merged the Budget & Appropriations Committee with the Capital Improvements Committee. The new committee will be called the Finance Committee. I support this merger if we keep the vision to protect our city buildings on a rotating basis.
  8. VOTED 10 to 0: Add a new council committee called “The IT & Infrastructure Committee. A wise move, spearheaded by Council President Jay DiLisio.
  9. The city council was informed that Bill Beardwood of 31 Leawood Lane will be appointed to the Planning Board. I want to personally offer my congratulations to Bill. He will be a fine addition to Attleboro’s Planning Board.
  10. VOTED 10 to 0: Appropriated $450,000 to purchase and equip an ambulance.  
  11. VOTED 10 to 0: Amend section 10-5.2 (a) of the revised ordinances to prohibit parking on Stobbs drive, westerly side, from North avenue to Commonwealth avenue.
  12. VOTED 10 to 0: Approved $32,200 in a grant that the Massachusetts Cultural Council awarded Attleboro’s Cultural Council. This grant is the lifeblood that helps Attleboro’s theatrical and musical groups. 

Please watch WARA/TV Tuesday 2/22 at 7 pm. The director of the Council on Aging, Melissa Tucker, and the chair of the Municipal Building Commission, Atty Jack Jacobi will be supporting a feasibility study for a new or a rebuilt senior center before the capital improvements committee. This issue is extremely important for the welfare, not only of our current seniors, but for the next generations of Attleboro’s future seniors. 

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