Ty’s City Council News for 2/8/2022

The Capital Improvements and City Development Committee approved and sent to the entire city council for a vote on February 15th these two pieces of legislation: 

1. A request to expend $636,000 to purchase body worn cameras, an in-car video system, and the computer software components to operate the body cameras within Attleboro’s police department. The funds for this project will come from the 3% Cannibas Impact Fee. Police Chief Heagney has stated that this video system will result in improved officer safety and increase the public’s confidence in Attleboro’s policing.

2. The Attleboro Historical Commission is seeking a consultant to assist in ranking Attleboro’s historic resources. 

THE CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS COMMITTEE: debated and kept within the committee a motion to appropriate $150,000 to fund a feasibility study for a new Senior center. I recommend watching this discussion on WARA/TV. A feasibility study, if approved, would tell the city council where a new or reconstructed building might be located, an approximate cost, and the space needed for a senior center, including parking.  

Note: These two pieces of legislation are very important in this councilor’s opinion. The body cameras will be debated and hopefully voted upon by the entire City Council on February 15th. The senior center feasibility study is not coming out yet for a floor debate/vote by the entire City Council until it is resolved within the Capital Improvements Committee. 

3. The February 15th City Council Votes include: A motion to approve a $450,000 loan for the purchase and equipping of a new ambulance. In addition the City Council will be voted on adding Linda Alger and Delia Russell to the Board of Park Commissioners; the appointment of Michael Morgan to the Traffic Study Commission; and renewing the appointments of Mary Flaherty and Cynthia Van Voris to the Disability Commission, Stephanie Gray and Laurie Sawyer to the Council on Human Rights: John Lepper to the Council on Aging; George Spatcher, Jr. to the Board of Election Commissioners, Sheri Miller-Bedau to the Council on Substance Abuse Prevention and Jackie Romaniecki to the Redevelopment Authority. In addition, the entire council will be voting to re-appoint Deborah Gould (City Auditor) and Virginia Stuart-Becker (City Council Assistant) to a new two year term. 

Tune in at 7 pm, February 15th for 8 public hearings and lots of business/votes in addition to the business listed above.

Look for City Council news on Ty’s Facebook page every week by Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday this week – sorry!). You can view the council meetings live at 7pm every Tuesday evening or watch the meeting via WARA/TV when the meeting is posted on their website.

All the best and enjoy our beautiful new layer of pristine, white, fluffy snow. I’m about to go cross-country skiing!

City Councilor Ty Waterman 

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