Ty’s City Council News: 2nd edition

Second edition – Tuesday, February 1st, 2021

Ten City Councilors met to vote and discuss a slew of motions. Here are the highlights:

  1. MOTION PASSED: 9 to 1 – To add a new Grade 9 position of “Solid Waste Manager”, operating within the city’s Health Department. This position was first introduced in October 2021, after I made a motion to create this new solid waste manager position. The support wasn’t there in my committee. Therefore, I held this motion in committee for several months until support eventually developed, giving councilors time to research this issue.

    Currently, the city has one employee working on solid waste issues, including recycling and the compost center. She spends a good part of each day on the phone listening to concerns and trying to solve solid waste problems in Attleboro. The mayor, the personnel and health dept. directors have advocated with city councilors about Attleboro’s solid waste personnel needs. This is a major step forward in Attleboro’s effort to improve solid waste, recycling, and compost needs. 
  2. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – To appropriate $1.75 million to engineer and install a new traffic light and site work on Thacher Street (Rte. 123) Rathbun Willard Drive. This project will include a new stop light at the intersection of Thatcher and Rathbun Willard, plus new crosswalks and sidewalk improvements to enable cars, students, and residents to safely navigate the area to and from Studley Elementary School, Brennan Middle School, and the new High School. Much of the credit for this project will go to our Department of Public Works and our DPW Director, Mike Tyler. It will be a busy area this spring and summer.
  3. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – To repair and resurface school parking lots, including Hill Roberts Elementary School. This project has been waiting a long time and is clearly needed. At this time, I’m not certain when the work will be done but the money has been approved, to the tune of $50,000 for Hill Roberts and $365,000 for the work at the other school parking lots.
  4. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – To purchase 6 new solar powered crosswalk systems for $62,312.98. This is wonderful news! They will be located at: South Main Street at Mulberry Street, Maple and James Street intersection, Brown Street at Coelho Middle School, Thatcher Street at Maple Terrace, Oakhill Avenue at the entrance to Oakhill Trailer Park, and Park Street at Oakhill Avenue.
  5. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – To purchase 16 new solar powered radar signs for $70,171.84. One of the most common problems I hear about is speeding throughout the city. This should help.
  6. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – To fund a Grade 3 Community Engagement Manager through Fiscal Year 2022. This is a new city position to work under the supervision of Catherine Feerick, our Economic Development Director. Catherine has done a wonderful job improving Attleboro’s downtown economy and now needs an assistant with this crucial work. 
  7. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – To approve the appointments of Albert Richmond and Stephen Theberge to Attleboro’s Disability Commission. We now have a fully functioning Disability Commission. This is great news – welcome aboard to our new members!
  8. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – Approving the appointment of Tiffany Foster to the Planning Board and Bill Gill to the Traffic Study Commission. More good news!
  9. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – Approving a generous bequest of $43, 873.01 from the estate of Margaret Santurri to the Attleboro Fire Department to be used for emergency medical services. What a wonderful gift to our fire department and city!
  10. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – Appropriating $456,744.75 for self-contained breathing apparatuses, including facemasks, 50 harness assemblies, 140 composite air cylinders (30-minute), 6 emergency air cylinders (6-minute), 4 regulators and labels for the equipment. Our fire department protects our lives and our property. Thank you!
  11. MOTION PASSED: 10 to 0 – Appropriating $48,000 to renovate Willett Field. Our Recreation Dept, under the leadership of Dennis Walsh, will be leveling the playing surface by rototilling and adding topsoil; plus installing an irrigation system and a well. Attleboro takes care of our wonderful parks!

UPCOMING: Committee/council business to be introduced on Tuesday, February 8th

  • The Attleboro Senior Center is requesting funding for a feasibility study ($150,000) for a new senior center, land acquisition, or renovating an existing building with good parking.

    This study has been referred to the Capital Improvements Committee, chaired by Richard Conti. There are over 11,000 seniors in Attleboro. Our current center is one of the smallest and oldest senior centers in Massachusetts and does not have adequate parking. Much of the larger programming is off-site at the Good News Bible Church. The Attleboro Council on Aging unanimously supports the need for a new or renovated senior center and parking area.
  • Attleboro’s Chief of Police and Budget Director request funds to purchase police body cameras, an in-car video system, and the corresponding software and tech components ($636,000).

    This business has also been referred to the Capital Improvements Committee. It is recommended to be funded via monies derived from Cannabis Impact fees collected from the Cannabis store(s) in Attleboro. 

As you can see, a lot is going on in the Attleboro City Council. I am only highlighting a portion of the business we are undertaking. Tune in on Tuesday nights at WARA at 7 pm. The Council Chambers is now open for the public…. please wear a mask if you come in-person.

Ty Waterman, City Councilor At-Large

Home: 508-455-1918
Cell: 508-577-1412

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