Get Ready for the 2020 Democratic National Convention TOMORROW!


To all my social media friends…. I will be a delegate for Bernie Sanders during the next four days, starting August 17th, kicking it off with a virtual breakfast with the Massachusetts delegation at 7:30 pm. I will be participating in the convention but also at City Council meetings this week on Tuesday and Thursday night. Wednesday night we are attending a virtual event at Suffolk Downs in Boston.

To my friends and constituents (or both) in Attleboro… feel free to call me at home this week. I will respond. You may reach me at 508-455-1918 (h) or 508-577-1412 (cell).

I’m not much for creating a social media page. I come from the wrong generation to do much of that. But I will support Joe Biden as my president and Kamala Harris as our vice-president. They are worthy and ready to lead our good old USA. Bernie is supporting them and so am i. However, I was elected as a 4th Congressional District/Mass. Bernie Sanders delegate back in April and campaigned hard for Bernie in NH and Mass before the world shut down. Bernie will continue to be an effective United States senator from my former home state of Vermont.

Medicare for All, climate change legislation to clean up our planet Earth, lower prices on pharmaceutical drugs, more equitable taxation to lift the lower and middle income folks and limit the super wealthy are all part of my personal beliefs.
America needs to be a great gift to the rest of the world with Joe Biden’s leadership!

And finally, please help me support and elect Becky Walker Grossman, Newton City Councilor, to Congress in the Mass 4th Congressional District in 2020! Becky is bright, compassionate, and fully capable to replace Joe Kennedy in this seat.
It is my honor to help her represent Attleboro in Congress.

To my beloved fellow Americans,
Ty Waterman, Attleboro City Councilor

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