The upside of social distancing

Friends and supporters:

We’ve had a couple of weeks of social distancing and staying at home Now. The days are starting to go quickly and seem to be blending into one another. Sunday seems more like Wednesday or Friday. No church yet, no more Friday night Attleboro high boys basketball games, City Council on Tuesdays has been postponed twice, theater rehearsals with Norton Singers are cancelled, no more swimming at the YMCA or conversations with my clients at Morin’s, and lunches at the Senior Center are suspended unless I knock on the locked center to ask for a take out bag lunch. I only did that on St. Patty’s Day because those lunches are meant for someone else. I stay home and make my daily turkey burger instead.But I wonder how my many friends at the Senior Center are doing? I don’t hear anything about them now.

I have to hustle each morning to pick up my Boston Globe and Attleboro papers. Otherwise, I don’t have any idea what is going on in Attleboro. I make certain I catch part of Paul Healey’s morning show on WARA 1320 which is one laugh after another. I swear Paul is deliberately ignoring our pandemic and substituting laughter for our myopic despair and worry. Paul Healey is a spiritual lift for Jan and myself. Wish he was on the air on weekends!

So life has changed considerable, slowed markedly, and sometimes comes to a downright crawl. I have few reasons to wake up early lots more time to dream. For instance, this morning I dreamt that I was walking across the entire state of Montana. I need my full eight hours to trek huge distances in my dreams now. Every day is like New Years day minus the football.

So what the upside of social distancing?
1. Lots more time to clean up the leaves and overgrown backyard garden.
2. Lots of long phone calls with new and old friends. I even had great phone calls with my younger brothers in Missouri and New York City!
3. Regular strolls in the woods with Jan, Choey and no one else!
4, Reading the Boston Glove daily.
5. Time to eat dinner slowly and fall asleep on the couch with Jan afterwards.
6. More time to pet Cloey, as dogs are supposedly safe to touch.
7. Making lots of phone calls while running to be elected to the Mass. Democratic Committee…. meeting some fascinating people.
8. Shocking myself by learning how to use Zoom. I’ve been called a luddite…. unable to learn 21st century technology. But with help from Jan and friends on the phone…. I can learn new tech.
9. As a member of the Board of Directors of Attleboro Enterprises, Inc (A.E. I.) I am advocating for the best possible treatment of staff who had to be furloughed, via Zoom phone meetings.

I suggest making a list of how your life is changing. Examine what the positive upside is… caring for your pet, walks with your spouse and children, playing games with family in the house, long phone calls with far away relatives….

You’ll get through this crisis…. make your own list of surprises. What’s your upside?

Good luck, Ty

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