Bernie Sanders/Mass.

Friends and neighbors in Attleboro and beyond:

For the past two weeks I’ve been busy organizing and helping run the Bernie Sanders staging center in Attleboro, mostly servicing Foxboro, North Attleboro, Attlebor, Norton, Mansfield, Plainville and Taunton. We have had dozens upon dozens of volunteers… many from Attleboro and the burbs, and a surprising number of Rhode Islanders, mostly from Providence. I have been incredibly impressed by the dedication of the volunteers as they drive all over our region knocking on pre-selected doors. Lots of volunteers in their 20’s and 30’s. I haven’t seen young adults so excited by a presidential candidate since I was in college helping Bobby Kennedy!

Democrats have several good candidates and I sincerely respect both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. But I believe Bernie Sanders is a special candidate. Bernie prioritizes the needs of the "average" person. He knows that it is almost impossible to live off two-part time jobs, especially when they are minimum wage. He totally understands the difficulties of finding good, affordable health insurance unless you work in a company or for a city/school system that buys into large group plans like Blue Cross or Harvard/Pilgrim, Tufts, etc.

But so many people have to settle for United Health Care and its counterparts, which offer 4 to 5 thousand dollar deductibles. I just met a man who only had medical care as a child when his family could afford to pay medical premiums… which was off and on. I met another man in the Sanders campaign who had a bike accident and had to pay the first $6,000 before his coverage kicked in. By the time he paid off his medical bills he owed several thousand dollars in back rent.

I am very fortunate. I managed to live till 65 and am covered by Medicare Part B. When I was hospitalized for prostate surgery two years ago, medicare paid for my entire surgery and 48 hours at Brigham and Women’s hospital. I didn’t owe a single penny and my life was saved. But if I had been 63 years old with cancer, I might have been dead broke, or dead as a doornail, if it wasn’t for my wife’s great medical plan through the Framingham school district.

No one should be avoiding medical care because of bad health insurance or no insurance at all. Bernie wants everyone to have an equal opportunity for affordable, excellent health care!

I think Bernie will pay for Medicare for All by eliminating the generous tax breaks that millionaires and billionaires are currently receiving. By the way, I don’t know anyone who admits to being better off with Donald Trumps tax breaks. No one that runs in my crowd.

Medical care alone is enough for me to vote for Bernie.

How about climate change? The good old USA is doing next to nothing as a federal government to address rising temperatures, violent storms, and vast changes in precipitation across our land.

The good old USA isn’t working with the rest of the world to address climate change. Australia burns away, Europe has record heat waves, the ice caps on both poles are melting, the oceans are rising, fish are dying,
and Donald Trump’s version of science is to ignore everything and call it all a hoax. Boston will eventually by inundated by salt water, especially along the harbor. The Cape will have houses slip into the ocean. Attleboro will be forced to find permanent cooling centers for people who cant afford the cost of air conditioners.

Bernie Sanders will bring the good old USA back into climate change discussions with European nations, maybe even the United Nations. We use 8% of the world;s energy but we don’t seem to care what the rest of the world is doing to save our planet.

Bernie cares. Bernie will act and join up with the rest of the planet. We don’t have much time or it could be too late to change our fate. Bernie will immediately begin fighting for the life of Planet Earth! Many younger voters understand Bernie’s passion to save our world.

Please consider Bernie tomorrow in the Massachusetts primary. Bernie will fight for your rights…. you have the right to good health care and a healthy climate. Is this too much to ask for?

All my best…. Ty Waterman

Ty WatermanTyWaterman1918
508-455-1918 – Home

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