The Massachusetts Democratic Primary is rolling towards us on Tuesday, March 3rd and Bernie is definitely on a roll! I would never knock any of the Dems. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Kobuchar, or Mayor Pete all have their strengths and are essential leaders in our country. But, for me, Bernie Sanders burns the brightest. I’ve liked Bernie ever since I lived in Bellows Falls, Vermont, back in the 1980’s when he was the fantastic mayor of Burlington, Vermont. My roots in Burlington go deep…. the ancestral home of my stepfather, the site of many vacations when I was growing up. Vermonters are a hardy, practical breed of Americans and they have learned to appreciate and trust Bernie for the last 40 years as a mayor, a congressman and three terms as their United States Senator.
So I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for Bernie. I signed up and am trying to become a Bernie delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this July. I’ve campaigned in New Hampshire five times in the past month for Bernie along with my wife, Jan, and my cousin, Paul, who lives in Peterborough, NH. We’ve knocked on hundreds of doors in Jaffrey, Peterborough, Hudson and Merrimack, New Hampshire. We’ve joined with a lot of excited young adults (20’s and 30’s) and a solid core of older folks who truly believe Bernie will reset the moral, health and economic compass of the United States.
Most of the folks we’ve met at NH doors told us Bernie is their first or second choice for President. No one slammed the door in my face. New Hampshire folks realize they are making one of the most important votes of their lifetime!
I asked NH voters if they want to know why I traveled 100 miles to campaign for Bernie. Almost everyone nodded positively and listened politely while I took a couple of their precious moments to share why I support Bernie.
1. Bernie will stand up to Donald Trump while debating on a stage this year. He won’t be intimidated, won’t back down, and will appear very presidential. (Everyone agreed with this vision)
2. Bernie will immediately start fighting against climate change. He will go to the international climate change gathering of nations in Glasgow in November. He will fight big oil, gas, and make climate change the number one issue in the United States and the entire world. He will be a world leader in the Green Revolution. (everyone agreed with me at the doors).
3. Bernie will fight hard for everyone to have good health insurance and the best possible medical care. He won’t stop fighting for your health and welfare. He will insist that wealthy millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes so everyone else can afford excellent health care. You can bet your bottom dollar on this! (Everyone I spoke to agreed with me.)
4. My uncle, Peter Waterman, worked for the US Government for four presidents. Uncle Peter developed the solar energy program in the 1950’s and 60’s for the U.S Navy. His son and my first cousin, Paul Waterman, built and taught students how to make solar cars and competed with M.I.T and other prestigious colleges with their solar car programs and races.. Solar energy is real, it is possible, and it is a lot cheaper and safer than big oil, and will heal the Earth! Bernie Sanders will support development of solar energy….. I guarantee he will do this.
Vermonters supported Bernie for the U.S. Senate in 2018 with 68% of their votes. Vermonters are not radical, not communist, not even socialists…. Vermonters are genuine, pragmatic, hard-working, friendly folks who value their natural beauty, clean air, clean water, and good social services. I lived part of my adult life in southern Vermont and know that their winter climate is very important to their economy. Bernie will fight against climate change, Bernie will fight for economic justice, he will ensure that the rich pay their fair share of taxes, and he will inject a strong dose of common sense and decency into our federal government.
Vermonters believe in Bernie…. I trust Bernie…. and I will be helping him throughout the Massachusetts primary and beyond.
Like I said to the New Hampshire folks at their doors… thank you for listening to me. If you want to help Bernie call me at 508-455-1918 (H), 508-577-1412, or at tywaterman1018. I’ll be sending "On the Mass. Trail" with Bernie and Ty over the coming weeks.

All my best to you …
Ty Waterman, Attleboro City Councilor

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