Ty’s tape

(This is my three minute WARA tape that I made last week. It summarizes my year as a city councilor.).

Hello ..this is Ty Waterman. I’m a career social worker and I’m running for re-election as one of your At-Large City Councilors.

During the past year I’ve supported:

Attleboro’s public Schools:
1. I visited all nine schools this year.. was impressed by the dedication of our staff.
2. I advocated for the gym floors in Hyman Fine and Hill Roberts Schools. They’ll be replaced soon.
3. I was invited to teach two classes… talked with every principal, many teachers, counselors, and Supt. David Sawyer.
4. I intend to keep our schools strong and support lowering class sizes.

1. I meet with the Senior Center staff, attend COA Board meetings, and share lunches with seniors.
2. I supported the current Umass/COA study of the needs of Attleboro’s seniors.
3. I want our seniors to be able to stay in their own homes. (this is their "right" in their "golden" years.

The Public Library:

1. I voted for and participated in last spring’s study to determine the future needs of our library.
2. I support fixing the structure of the library (heat, AC, roof, and windows), so our library can remain on North Main St.

Public Safety:
1. I supported protecting our fire fighters … by voting for new gear washers/second set of gear… to keep them safe and healthy.
2. I support developing a new traffic division for our police … to help with our increasingly congested traffic.
3. I met with the residents of Torry Street during the Council’s Gas Leak Investigation… to help protect our citizens from future such emergencies.

1. I voted for Attleboro to become a Green Community and lower our cities energy consumption and costs. We are becoming a Green City!

Social Services:
I support the eight social service agencies operating out of the former Richardson School … they are doing great work for our citizens! Thank You!

And, of course, … I support downtown revitalization.

I will continue listening to you, from South Attleboro, downtown, and Attleboro’s six wards, and invite you to contact me anytime at 508-577-1412 or TyAttleboro

Thanks for putting your trust in me…. City Councilor At-Large …. Ty Waterman

PS: This short speech took me two minutes, 41 seconds … so I beat the three minute limit for broadcasting. Try doing a short speech sometime. It isn’t as easy as it looks! – Ty


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