Hunting revisited

Friends: Our paper ran a front page story on hunting this weekend. While visiting a development off Pike Rd. yesterday, I met a gentlemen with a stern look on his face. He told me that I voted against hunting. Then another stern look.

I responded: "There may have been a misunderstanding. I am not against hunting, although I don’t hunt. I am for hunters asking for written permission to hunt on private property. This protects the hunter and homeowner alike.

Then I walked back towards my car. I turned around when he said, "I like your style." I wished him well and left his yard.

Let me add a few additional comments. Attleboro is a rapidly growing city, bigger than Burlington, Vermont …… Concord, New Hampshire and Bangor, Maine. Woodlands are being cut down for new houses all over our city. But if a homeowner is willing to give written permission for a hunter to hunt on their property, I’m fine with that…. assuming their property is big enough for safety purposes. But hunting on city property, where citizens may be walking this fall or winter, is another story. Citizens… including teens and children, need to feel safe in Attleboro’s parks and conservation land. I hope that property owners and hunters might agree with me.

But if homeowners are willing to share their land with hunters…. OK. Then hunting is fine by me.

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