Ty’s Travels

Hi folks: I’ve been biking around Attleboro four hours a day since May 3. Lost about 15 pounds and heading down towards my high school baseball playing weight. I’m starting to not recognize myself and certainly don’t look like the face on my palm card. I’m 71 and getting younger by the day.

I love meeting you at your door. It’s a real treat and I’m honored when you share with me. In the past two days I’ve met a youthful mother who is a consultant for social service agencies, an older woman who loves home care with other seniors, a family man who wants to move his computer repair business to Attleboro, assuming he can find a downtown location with good parking. I’ve met a woman who owns a well-known Attleboro real estate company but is frustrated by the looks of our downtown area.

I’ve met a former school principal; an elderly woman who used to own a big farm that was turned into an upscale development off Richardson Avenue. She kept telling me she was a farmer and talked about her herd of cows and their barn, none of them currently evident except in her terrific memory.

Attleboro is full of kind, interesting, family oriented people. I enjoy serving them and serving you.

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