Attleboro COA

Darlene and Madeleine, Attleboro Senior Center directors:

Thank you for producing this list of cooling centers in Mansfield, Foxboro and North Attleboro on July 20-21, 2019. I can assure Attleboro seniors and all other citizens of Attleboro that I would do the same thing if the weather got real hot again. We need to be humane and caring toward one another in weather related emergencies. Asking people to stay in their homes, especially if they are not in air conditioning, is not the only option to deal with excessive heat.

I am so thankful for Father Brown and the staff at LaSallette Shrine for opening their hearts and their Welcome Center to Attleboro and Norton residents on July 20-21.

Rep. Jim Hawkins, members of Centenary Methodist Church, and the Hebron Food Bank who provided food and drink were also instrumental in helping us run the cooling center.

This cooling center did not cost the city of Attleboro a dime as LaSallette covered the cost of air conditioning. But even if it did cost Attleboro money, we should still provide relief in extreme weather conditions.

All my best,
Ty Waterman, Attleboro City Councilor At-Large

Note: This is a copy of my response to a list of local cooling centers in North Attleboro, Mansfield, and Foxboro that were opened in those town facilities the hot weekend of July 20-21. If you want a copy of the list of local cooling centers I suggest contacting Darlene Young at the Attleboro Senior Center. Attleboro did not have an official cooling center so the LaSallette Shrine opened their hearts and their Welcome Center to anyone who was suffering in the heat. Mucho gracias.-Ty

On Fri, Aug 2, 2019 at 10:52 AM Darlene Young <coaad> wrote:

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