On the Trail with Ty

ON THE TRAIL WITH TY: Thursday, July 25th

GREAT NEWS this morning. Our terrific state senator, Paul Feeney, has procured a $22,000 state grant to purchase a gear washer for the Attleboro Fire Department, presumably to be placed into the South Attleboro station on Newport and Read. Soon we should have two gear washers in place, the first one has been hooked up in the Union Street Fire Station. Now, we need to purchase second sets of gear for approximately 25 more fire fighters in Attleboro. Many kudos to the fire fighters, Mayor Heroux, Senator Feeney, and my fellow City Councilors.

We are trying our best to protect our fire fighters. The very first door I knocked on in Ward 4A today reminded me of the danger all fire fighters live with. The senior citizen who answered sadly told me her husband, a retired Attleboro fire fighter, was suffering from cancer. Then her phone rang and our conversation ended. It was a sad visit.

At the end of my day, I met with another senior citizen who lives on Torrey Street, which had a serious natural gas leak in April. She told me that the Attleboro fire department helped her evacuate her home when the gas had covered much of her front yard and there was a risk of an explosion. She and her son were evacuated safely and the leak was safely contained. It was a scary evening but our fire department came to the rescue.

I will continue to be a strong supporter of the Attleboro Fire Department. Let’s keep our own fire fighters safe, too.

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