Cool Hand LaSallette:

To residents of Attleboro (and also Norton folks): Last weekend about 15-20 citizens of Attleboro and Norton sat in comfort during the blazing hot hours of 10 am thru 5 pm, both Saturday and Sunday. One man left in mid-day, called us back so he could return, was picked up, and then asked to go to the hospital after 5 pm. I hope he is feeling much better by now.

While the towns of Seekonk and North Attleboro had cooling stations, the city of Attleboro felt that citizens should stay home and sit by their air conditioners…. or go to the city pools. That was fine for many of us. But seniors don’t always go to pools and they don’t always have air conditioners. As a matter of fact, lots of people don’t have AC’s. Massachusetts now has summer heat more like Maryland used to have.

Granted, we had a small group at LaSallette this past weekend, but we were very comfortable. The notice was short, with a brief article in Saturdays paper, plus hourly messages on the radio and TV advertising LaSalette Shrine’s cooling center throughout the weekend.

I am proud of the five city councilors who collaborated on very short notice to help Father Brown set up and staff the cooling center. I was delighted to welcome several people from Norton, including their emergency weather team. I was also very proud of the volunteers from Centenary Methodist Church that provided sandwiches, water, watermelons and delicious deserts to tide us over. Talk about short notice… these kind church folk found out about the cooling center on Saturday morning and shared from the free food they served community folks at the 11 am meal on Saturday.

One thing is certain in life…. weather will get stifling hot again! If need be, the city council will rise to the occasion and help out again, too. The kind people of LaSalette will open their doors again as well…. and food will once more be provided within our beautiful city. We will get the word out quicker next time the weather turns nasty. So get your cribbage boards, bring your movies and books, count on interesting conversations and protect yourself from the stifling heat of summer.

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend bearable…. I trust you were safe by your own air conditioners or enjoying the pools….. but some folks need to be brought to the cool breezes inside LaSallette’s Shrine.

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