A great day for Attleboro!

I am proud to live in Attleboro and in Massachusetts. We had a powerful ceremony to honor our LGBTQ friends and neighbors today at City Hall, despite technical problems with the microphone and misplacing the key that raises the LGBTQ flag! The flag will go up on Monday.

It was great to welcome Jax Adele back to Attleboro for a day as the MC of this special event. Every speaker ranging from Jax to Senator Paul Feeney to Mayor Paul Heroux gave thanks for our LGBTQ community.

I believe the core values of honesty, kindness, empathy, and compassion were alive at City Hall today!

Thank you for all the LGBTQ friends I’ve been able to make. While our world remains far from perfect, we have evolved into a far more accepting society than we lived in when I entered Planet Earth back in 1948.

To my LGBTQ friends and neighbors …. thank you for helping me become a more accepting, understanding human being. We are evolving in a positive direction!

All My best –

Ty Waterman



Photo courtesy of Marilyn Powers

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