Save our Fire Fighters!


I was proud of my fellow city councilors tonite. We voted 10-0 to spend $22,500 to purchase a brand new gear washer for the Union Street fire station. What’s a gear washer, you ask? And why does the South Attleboro fire station still have a 20 year old, outdated, inefficient gear washer.

A gear washer washes and cleans out the fire fighters Personal Protective Equipment (PPI) after a fire. It removes the cancer causing carcinogens which build up on the trousers, boots, gloves, everything a fire fighter is wearing. It takes a long time to clean and dry clothing in the current 25 year old Union Street Gear washer and the 20 year old South Attleboro station gear washer. If another fire occurs before their PPI gear is cleaned and dried… then the fire fighters have to retrieve their wet gear… throw them on and speed off to the next fire…. with possible carcinogens still on them.

Two-thirds of our fire fighters have two sets of PPI’s, which is recommended for their safety. But 36 Attleboro fire fighters only have one PPI due to the expense to purchase a second set. CLEAN PPI’s AND A NEW GEAR WASHERS WILL SAVE OUR FIRE FIGHTERS LIVES.

Nationally, fire fighters live to an average of about 55 years old… many of them die prematurely with cancer. Fire fighters are stricken by cancer 2.5 times more than the national average. Of course, when cancer occurs we can’t be certain how or why it happens… but we have an educated guess that firefighters frequently get cancer because of the carcinogens in the burning buildings and smoke.

We need 36 more PPI’s for our fire fighters. We also need another new gear washer for the South Attleboro fire stations. Currently, So. Attlboro firefighters have a 20 year old gear washer…. New gear washers can wash 4 or 5 PPI’s at a time…. with increased effectiveness and safety. NEW GEAR WASHERS SAVE FIREFIGHTERS LIVES!

Most of our city councilors spoke out tonite… including yours truly. Take a look at the video of tonight’s (April 2nd) meeting…. We met for 2.5 hours… the fire dept. was the very last item of business. So fast forward and watch the end of tonight’s meeting.

I was very proud of the city council tonight. But we still have more work to do.

1. We need to approve funding another new gear washer for the South Attleboro station…

2. We need to fund 36 more PPI’s (Personal Protective Equipment) so every firefighters has two sets of PPI’s…

3. We need to protect our fire fighters from the scourge of cancer that threatens them every working day.

Thank you Chief LaChance, for advocating for Attleboro’s fire fighters!


508-577-1412 (cell)

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