Council Connection: 11/16/18

Today I stepped through the magic circle and officially pledged to serve Attleboro, Massachusetts, and the United States of America. I am no longer a candidate and am now Councilor Waterman.

My campaign friends, my recent opponent John Davis, The Sun Chronicle, fellow councilors, a fireman, and several other well-wishers came while Mayor Paul Heroux recited the oath to me in front of DoubleACS. Best of all, my lovely wife, Jan, was on the scene.

Jim Hand, the Sun Chronicle reporter, asked me why I ran for the city council. I told him, “Because I love Attleboro and the special people here. I want to help the seniors, our children, teachers, and do my part to leave the city better than when I arrived in 2002.”

It was a delightful experience and now I am ready to serve you. I have lots to learn about the rules and mores of the council. I am joining a band of 11 to help steer the good ship Attleboro through the next year.


After the ceremony, we went out to Morin’s Restaurant to relax and enjoy each others company. I found myself smiling and laughing. My campaign manager and friend, Jax, reminded me that now I am both a social worker and councilor It is more important than ever to listen to each and every one of you. I agree.

Tomorrow morning I head off to city hall to meet with my newfound fellow councilors and plan the next steps in our journey together.

I know that sounds simplistic and corny. But that’s how I feel. I’m ready for my next step. The real work begins.

Thanks for following my journey. It is also your journey.
-Ty Waterman, City Councilor At-Large (A Public Servant)


PS: We live streamed the swearing-in on Ty’s Facebook page