The last two days have been a blur. I owe so much to so many residents of our wonderful city. As I go around the city today and tomorrow, speaking to the folks who let me put up a sign, I also want to thank each and every one of you.

This is not simply an election win for myself. YOU are responsible for this victory. You decided it was OK to take a chance on a social worker, on a newcomer to the city council, on a non-politician. You decided that civility is crucial in government, you decided it is important to listen to people, you decided that helping seniors with property taxes, focusing on decreasing class sizes in our schools, on restoring foreign languages and building up our guidance counselor staff, is essential.
You decided we need an economic development director and to focus on rebuilding the center of our wonderful city. You decided on the importance of beautiful open spaces so all of our citizens can enjoy the natural beauty of mother nature. You decided to become a friend of the Attleboro library and to value the hard work and dedication of our firefighters, police, our public works dept., public housing staff and the rest of Attleboro’s public employees.
Why do I love Attleboro? Because the spirit of our city is alive. We are not perfect and we do have citizens who are clearly struggling to make ends meet. But we also strive to make certain that every citizen has a good meal at least once a day, we give away food to seniors, working adults, families and children. And I believe we will do even more in the future to help our homeless population and those stricken by substance abuse. We are fortunate to have Sturdy Hospital in our own backyard, buttressed by an extensive health network at our disposal. And we all were just reminded to thank the nurses in our city and state for the care they offer us each and every day.
I could go on an on about the value of living in Attleboro. The truth is, my election is just one small reflection of the concern each of you have for the welfare of our city.
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help in our city government. And remember that our other 10 councilors are doing their utmost to serve you and deserve applause for their efforts. I am fortunate to be part of the 11 member council that will listen to you and respond.
Consider attending the city councils public hearings and share your thoughts and concerns with us. We need to hear from you. Next public hearing is Tuesday evening, November 13th in City Hall. I hope to see many of you there next Tuesday.
Ty Waterman, At-Large City Councilor elect.