I am a licensed social worker and I’m running for the city council, as an At-Large candidate. I am not a career politician, but I want to serve you, the residents of Attleboro. I believe the Number One goal of an elected official is Constituent Service. If you have a concern or a question, please contact me at 508-577-1412 or I will respond promptly.
      I’ve been a resident of Attleboro since 2002 and live at 33 Dorchester Ave. in Ward 4A. I’m married to Jan, a wonderful musician and a very kind lady. My two adult daughters, Arryn and Kate, live in the west.
      My education includes a BA in Physical Education and U. S. History from the University of Maine (Orono), and a Master’s degree from Boston University. In 1999 I co-wrote “The Year the Red Sox won the Series,” about the 1918 world champion Boston Red Sox, which became an award winning book. I’ve served on the board of directors for Norton Singers and the Society for American Baseball Research. Currently I am on the board of Attleboro Enterprises, Inc. and the Attleboro Council for Human Rights. I’ve performed in community musical theater for over 25 years and love to sing and act.
      For the past four years I’ve been the Social Worker for the Attleboro YMCA, assisting the 14 residents with counseling, medical needs, etc. Prior to that, I supervised foster care for 19 years, serving DDS intellectually disabled adults and DCF children and teens. I trained foster parents, wrote therapeutic assessments, and handled state audits. My social work career began at Wrentham State School where I worked with medical and behavioral clients.
      These are my current priorities as an At-Large City Councilor.
      There are approximately 8,000 seniors living in Attleboro. I want to ensure that the Larson Senior Center has the fiscal resources to continue their excellent, professional services. If anyone wants to visit the Senior Center please feel free to contact me. I’d love to host you at a senior luncheon and introduce you to fellow seniors and the wonderful staff.
      During my campaign I’ve met many seniors who are worried that they can’t afford their homes in the midst of rising property taxes. Currently, there are a couple of bills progressing through the state legislature designed to help struggling seniors with their property taxes. Our seniors have paid for city services all their lives and I will vote to help support them.
      There are approximately 6,000 students in our public schools. They deserve the best possible education. During my visits with thousands of residents this summer and fall I heard lots of parents and children tell me their classes were increasingly crowded and it was harder for some students to learn. I am pledging to support every effort to lower class room sizes, thus improving the quality of our educational system. I believe Attleboro can be one of the best city school systems in Massachusetts. I am pro-education, the key to a successful life.
      The biggest concern that Attleboro residents had during my campaign is the economic vitality of Attleboro and the appearance of our center. I constantly heard comparisons with surrounding towns that had more appealing business districts. My response was that Attleboro will soon have an Economic Development Director, a position that has been vacant for several years. I will support our city’s administration and vote for a new Director of Economic Development. I will also work with the local Chamber of Commerce to support both new and existing businesses in Attleboro. I hope we’ll create more jobs in the center of our city, more parking, and attract more people to our downtown.
       I want to provide first-rate constituent services and listen to your concerns,
I WILL SERVE YOU AND ATTLEBORO WITH ALL MY HEART. I humbly ask for your vote on Nov 6th.
–  Ty Waterman, candidate for At-Large City Council.